super savings at bliss south beach for miami spa month!

As if getting beautified at Bliss South Beach isn’t already fabulous enough, we’ve got news that’ll make it even more ‘aah’-mazing: our SoBe spa is participating in Miami Spa Month, which means that from now until August 31, you can book special combo spa packages for just $99!

No, that is not a typo. (And personally, I’m offended that you think I’d even make one.) You really can soak up multiple spa treatments at Bliss South Beach for less than 100 smackers, for an entire month. Regular spa-goers will revel in the savings, and newbies can use it as the perfect opportunity to bask in Bliss for the first time!

If you haven’t already jumped up to book an appointment (877-862-5477—sorry, no online booking for these babies), here’s the skinny on the three featured packages:

triple oxygen treatment and brow wax
Experience our classic (and most clamored for) complexion-reviving facial, followed by an arch shaping that’s like an instant eye lift.

blissage75 and hot shell add-on
Loosen up with our muscle-melting massage, made even more indulgent with the addition of warmed seashells to nix knotted spots.

beauty and the beach
Make beach time more ‘bare’-able with a painless-as-possible Brazilian Bikini Wax, a signature Hot Cream Manicure and an Express Pedicure.

Full disclosure: these packages aren’t offered on Saturdays, and tax and gratuity aren’t included. But considering you can save almost 50%, it’s still a ‘muy bien’ deal.

So get to it, all you facial-loving Floridians, and don’t miss out on this rare ‘spa’-pportunity to de-stress for less.

With ‘rub’,

Miss Bliss

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oh, say can you see… why spf is so important this weekend?

Treasured readers, I want to make sure you have a safe Independence Day weekend. To some, Fourth of July safety might mean not blowing off any extremities while playing with fireworks. But to me, it means making sure you use sun protection—because you’re bound to be outside on this beach- and BBQ-filled holiday.

Look, I get it: no matter how much we go on about how important it is to wear sunscreen, it’s always going to feel like a chore (like when your mom used to constantly badger you to ‘bring a sweater’). But one thing that makes slathering on the SPF a little more fun? When it’s part a really fabulous skincare formula. That’s why I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite skin-protecting picks. Each of these broad-spectrum blocks has a beauty bonus to make it so much more enticing to apply than your average ho-hum sunscreen. Load up on these babies to make sure your ‘red, white and blue’ celebration is a little less heavy on the red:

bliss best of skintentions spf 15

Beauty bonus: It nourishes skin with vitamins, minerals and omegas, and illuminates.

laboratoire remède uv coat spf 30
Beauty bonus: It’s a slightly tinted foundation that feels feather-light.

la mer the spf 30 uv protecting fluid
Beauty bonus: It helps prevent skin discoloration and unevenness.

3LAB perfect sunscreen spf 55
Beauty bonus: It has antioxidant green tea and acai berry for environmental protection.

rodial skinny beach spf 15 tinted
Beauty bonus: It firms, lifts and tones while delivering an instant bronze tint.

colorescience suncanny spf 20 bronzer brush
Beauty bonus: It supplies a sunless tan in seconds and is super-easy to dust on.

clarins uv plus day screen spf 40
Beauty bonus: Its Expertise 3P Anti-Pollution Complex helps shield skin from free radicals and pollution.

skinceuticals sheer physical uv defense spf 50
Beauty bonus: It increases skin’s resistance to UV aggressors, heat stress and DNA damage.

sisley all day all year spf 8
Beauty bonus: It’s a super-luxe anti-aging treatment that reduces lines and wrinkles.

sk-II facial treatment uv protection spf 25
Beauty bonus: It contains SK-II’s signature smoothing, brightening and moisturizing ingredient Pitera.

elemis liquid layer spf 30
Beauty bonus: It moisturizes with jojoba seed oil and coconut oil.

omorovicza complexion enhancer spf 15
Beauty bonus: It’s a tinted foundation that blurs imperfections to make skin look digitally retouched.

Hey, I figure if I’m going to celebrate America The Beautiful, I might as well do my part to keep its residents looking that way. So protect your skin this weekend, and make sure the only thing getting burned are those hot dogs on the grill (because unlike your skin, those can actually be good a little crispy).


Miss Bliss

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just your ‘luxe’: bliss now stocks more posh potions than ever

As any die-hard Bliss fan knows, we’ve loved cushy creams since we were just a twinkle in the spa industry’s eye. When we tried the legendary Crème de la Mer, it was love at first smear—and our obsession with sophisticated skincare brands only blossomed from there.

Aside from the fact that we don’t carry a product with a 3-digit price tag unless we’ve tried it and seen fabulous results, we also love the way using these fancy formulas makes us feel. We might not be strolling the red carpet, lounging at our private villa in Tuscany or dripping in diamonds—but meticulously massaging on a rich, opulent cream makes us feel like we could be. Heck, they make us feel so much like celebrities that we could practically be entering rehab (well, maybe not—but they do seriously rehabilitate your complexion).

We know there’s a lot of sumptuous skincare out there, but we’ve culled it down to the ‘crème de la creams’—if we’re hyping it, you know it’s good. There are certain classics we’ve been devoted to for years, like the aforementioned La Mer, along with names like Laboratoire Remède, Z. Bigatti and RéVive.

And now, we’re carrying more exciting new upscale brands than ever: SK-II, a Japanese brand whose signature age-fighting ingredient was discovered in a saké brewery. Elemis, a Brit brand that blends natural ingredients, science savvy and impressive clinicals. Omorovicza, a Budapest-born brand whose ‘mineral cosmetology’ products have left us ‘Hungary’ for more. And—you heard it here first—we’ve just debuted our latest discovery: Sisley, a famed French brand whose plant expertise and limitless scientific research budget make it one of our most exciting extravagances yet.

The best part? You’d normally have to visit a department store to shop all of these hard-to-find brands in one place. But on, you can browse all of them while you’re on the couch sporting your Steep Clean Mask—and you don’t have to deal with the annoying perfume-spritzing brigade.

So go ahead and peruse our selection of ‘fit for a queen’ fixes. Because while you might not be able to live out all your grandest fantasies, you can treat yourself to a dream cream and look as good as any paparazzi-dodger out there.


Miss Bliss

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poll: what kind of beauty are you bananas for?

At Bliss, we’re equal opportunity beauty junkies—from skincare to bodycare to hair care to shapewear, we’re all over it (and, um, if it’s something that can be slathered, it’s all over us).

But even though we’re gaga over everything glam-centric, we know you probably have primping preferences and cosmetic concerns that fall into certain categories above all else. Maybe you’re really wrapped up in removing your wrinkles. You could be totally devoted to detonating those cellulite-induced dimples. Perhaps you’re smitten with scented scrubs of every sort. You might fancy fitness footwear, be wild about waxing, salivate over supplements or be mad about makeup. Or, it’s possible you’re just like us and are preoccupied with all kinds of preening, period.

While we strive to bring you every ‘breed’ of beauty at Bliss, we’d love to know the top types that make you tick (so we can deliver more of those picks). So fill us in:

Thanks for participating, and helping us make Bliss even better.

Miss Bliss

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good vibrations: the secret behind ‘pore’-fector gadget

Have you ‘heard’ about new ‘pore’-fector gadget, Bliss’ very first skincare device? In a nutshell, it uses sonic wave technology to give your pores a deep clean that’s on par with—we kid you not—the one you’d get from one of our expert estheticians (who absolutely love the thing, aside from worrying about whether it’ll put them out of business).

I realize the skeptic in you is probably wondering exactly how sonic vibrations can clean your pores. I mean, I’ll admit: it DOES sound a little far-fetched. But our education guru Donna (check her out in this how-to video) described it to me by using a really cool analogy that totally makes sense out of the science—and I wanted to share it with you.

Basically, she explains that sound waves move, which you know if you’ve ever been front row at a concert and seen the speakers actually pounding, or been in a nightclub and felt the beat shaking beneath your feet. That is sound in action, my friends.

Donna clarified it further with this great story, which totally gave me an “a-ha!” moment. See, her husband is a musician, and when he had his first band at the age of 13, his parents were kind enough to allow the foursome to rehearse in their basement. Needless to say, their rehearsals were LOUD—we’re talking three teenaged guitar players and a drummer, rocking out full-force. (Those are some seriously cool parents.)

Here’s the thing, though: the basement was directly underneath a gorgeous inlaid tile entryway, and after less than two months of the band rocking out below it, the tiles had actually become loosened from the grout by all of those sound waves. (Bet those parents were slightly less cool after they made that discovery.)

The ‘pore’-fector gadget’s sonic waves do the same thing, only much more gently. Think of the accumulated dirt, impurities, oil and dead skin cells on your complexion as the tiles, and the ‘Pore’-fector as the band—the device’s sonic power vibrates and ‘moves’ the skin’s surface to loosen up all that pore-clogging, skin-dulling gunk so it can be easily lifted and eliminated. (This also helps create pathways for better penetration of other skincare you apply).

After hearing Donna’s explanation, the power of ‘pore’-fector gadget doesn’t sound so hard to believe, does it? I know it was enough to convince me that it totally ‘rocks’.


Miss Bliss

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kick off your summer with a boatload of bliss freebies!

Hallelujah! It’s Memorial Day weekend, the official start to summer (even though it already feels like we’re in the thick of it with the steamy weather we’ve been having). We know you’ve all got big plans for your 3.5 days of freedom, whether you’re braving the beach traffic, hitting up a few BBQs, or just doing absolutely nothing (something we wholeheartedly endorse).

However, we’d like to suggest adding one more activity to your weekend: snagging a free summer kick-off kit packed with $103 worth of Bliss goodies! For the rest of the holiday weekend (that’s right, we just extended the expiration date), you’ll get this gift bag free with any order of $75 or more (and with all the amazing summer beauty stuff we’ve got, we don’t think it will be very hard for your order to qualify).

here’s what you get in your gift bag:

• A full-sized tube of problem salved, to soothe everything from sunburn to mosquito bites.
• A deluxe sample of clog-dissolving cleansing milk, the perfect wash to switch to during summer’s pore-plugging weather.
• A full-sized tube of get out of hair, to delay hair re-growth between shaves and waxes (see ya, stubble!)
• A deluxe sample of lid+lash wash, to soothe those peepers and gently remove eye makeup – even the waterproof kind.
• A deluxe sample of daily detoxifying facial toner, a hydrating, water-based toner that is SO seriously refreshing after a hot day.
• A deluxe sample of the youth as we know it concentrate, which is not only a skin-luminizing anti-aging treatment, but also doubles as a lightweight moisturizer during warm weather when you don’t want something too rich.
• A deluxe sample of triple oxygen instant energizing mask, to brighten your skin in five minutes and sport that coveted summer glow.

That’s a tempting list of goodies, am I right? And we know you’re in the mood to relax, but you’ve got to act fast, because this offer is only around until Tuesday, June 1. So start shopping, place your order and enter code SUMMER in your shopping bag, then kick back and wait for your ‘glam’-packed gift bag to arrive.

Happy summer, everyone!

Miss Bliss

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ready, ‘pedi’, go!

Allow me to ‘paint’ a picture: Spring arrives. That first freakishly warm day pops up in the forecast. You tentatively pull your sandals out of storage, but hesitate when you take stock of your sorely neglected soles, chastising yourself for letting those calluses build up and slacking on regular polishings. (But it was just so easy to hide those Franken-feet under winter boots!) You decide to bite the bullet and bravely book that first pedicure, bracing yourself for the disdainful looks the nail tech will surely cast your way upon evaluating your hardened heels…

Let me stop right there, because the nail techs at Bliss would NEVER look disdainfully at anyone. They’ve seen it all, and besides—why would you be coming in for a pedi if your feet were already perfect? Whether or not you’ve bared your ‘soles’ yet this season, few things make you feel more instantly put together than a fresh pedicure—and our spas have some of the most over-the-top tootsie treatments in town.

Feel like channeling your inner Jimmy Buffet? Try our tantalizingly tropical ‘pedi’ colada. With a pineapple and coconut-infused soaking and scrubbing and hot seashell massage, it’s total pedi-paradise. Plus, you get to guzzle a piña colada while you get groomed (the virgin kind, don’t get TOO excited).

Or, if you’re a big fan of our blood orange+white pepper bath products (and who isn’t?), try the citrus-centric head over ‘peels’ pedicure, which includes a soak and scrub with the aforementioned products. Those who have tried it firsthand (or first-foot?) say it’s total juicy goodness.

Feel like your scraggly soles are in need of more renovations than a home on HGTV? Try our foot patrol pedicure, a ‘take no prisoners’ pedi that kicks calluses to the curb and leaves your soles baby-smooth.

And if you’re looking for real rockstar toes, try our ‘toe’-tally trendy ‘minx’ coat pedicure, a celeb favorite. There’s no polish involved: our techs adhere flexible coverings to your nails, and you can choose from a plethora of playful patterns (everything from pink cheetah to gold with black fishnet, I kid you not). Trust me, it’s a killer look on a big night out—everyone will be talking about your toes.

It doesn’t end there: there’s the mint-infused cold feet pedicure for depuffing swollen feet (feels fab in hot weather), our signature hot milk and almond pedicure for total sole-softening indulgence, or the always dependable basic pedicure for no-frills types. And don’t forget wintertime favorites the double choc pedicure (with a cup of hot cocoa) and the hot foot (with hot stones and sea salt). Seriously, when it comes to pedicures, our spas offer the ‘sole’ she-bang—so go ahead and book the foot-pampering treatment you fancy. I know I just convinced myself to do it.

And just for fun, a quick poll:

Happy foot-flaunting!

Miss Bliss

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