Vanilla is not boring!

Vanilla, my one true love!

Vanilla, my one true love!

Vanilla has gotten a bad wrap by being a synonym for “boring.” I’m here to stand up to my tried, tested, and true friend. I love everything vanilla: ice cream, lip gloss flavors, body splashes, lotions, cupcakes, pudding, milkshakes, perfumes with vanilla notes. You say the word “vanilla” and my ears perk up. It’s an obsession, really.

The scent of vanilla reminds me of my first body spray that I bought when I was in 7th grade (that was a loooooong time ago). My entire cheerleading squad was obsessed with the scent of vanilla. Before football games, we’d spritz ourselves from head to toe with the sugar sweet scent. Many, many, many years later, this scent is still near and dear to my heart. However, the idea of smelling like a walking cupcake is not quite so cute anymore.



vanilla + bergamot is the sophisticated sister to regular ol’ vanilla. “What does bergamot smell like?” you ask. Ever have Earl Grey tea? That’s what bergamot smells like. It’s the perfect note to balance out vanilla, making it smell slightly musky and mysterious. My favorite product out of the vanilla + bergamot family is the body buff. It’s infused with shea butter, jojoba oil, and oat protein for hydration and conditions and smoothes the skin with sweet almond oil. There are perfectly round, soft exfoliating beads inside and specks of Tahitian Vanilla. YUM! Too bad it’s not edible.

About karenglidden

My name is Karen Glidden and I’m the web content coordinator for Bliss. I will be the primary author of Bliss n Tell. For all your beautification needs, please refer to My background is not beauty related at all. I graduated from Boston University and worked at Starbucks for many years climbing their corporate ladder. Pre-Bliss, my idea of a milky cleanser was the residue left on my face after making cappuccinos all day. I’ve been with Bliss since October 2007 and have been converted into a product worshipper. I’m the MacGyver of skincare. I love inventing new uses to beauty products. You’ll find me putting toner on my legs to help with dry skin, wearing my glamour gloves on the subway to smooth my hands, and using skincare in my hair to tame flyaways. Oh, did I mention that I’m totally frugal. Yes, this little Bliss girl is a ‘recessionista’ for sure (hey, I still have student loans to pay off!) My skin type is normal. I’m not particularly breakout prone unless it’s stress related or hormonal. I’m not too oily, but sometimes dry all over depending on the weather. I’ve got an even skin tone and not too many fine lines, wrinkles, or hyperpigmentation. I have some sun damage from years of sun-worshipping sans SPF, my greatest skincare regret in life. My biggest skin concern are fine lines/wrinkles around my eyes and laugh lines around my mouth. Oh, and some uh….cellulite on my bum/thighs. Yes, I am human (you can stop pointing and laughing now, thanks!). My Favorite Bliss Product: I can’t choose just one. It’s a tie between Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask and A Tan For All Seasons Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask is my five minute beauty fix for just about everything (breakouts, dull/tired skin, dryness). A Tan For All Seasons is my best friend. It’s a stink-free tan in a can. I cannot live without a sun-kissed glow all year (without the UV damage, of course!)
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