Meet Donna!

I would like to take a moment and introduce you to the wonderful, talented, intelligent, and gorgeous Donna. She will be making guest appearances here as her schedule permits and I am beyond delighted to have her contributing to the blog. She is the perfect balance of beauty + nerd. She’s a self-proclaimed science nerd with a degree from Cornell. Everything I’ve learned about the beauty industry and the science behind skin care has been from Donna. Not to mention she’s a total babe and has impeccable taste. She’s my real-life beauty icon.

Donna is our Retail Education Manager, the Wonder Woman of training, coaching, and development. Her title doesn’t even begin to describe what she does. Donna can usually be found flying across the country to teach Sephora’s cast members (their term for “employees”) all about bliss skin care at their new store openings. She’s also teaches Bliss front desk employees, spa managers around the globe, and our sales team all about Bliss so they are properly equipped to recommend products to all of you lovelies who frequent our spa treatments. And when she’s not doing that, she’s feverishly typing on her blackberry at all hours of the day answering burning questions like, “is the squalene in this eye cream marine based or derived from another source?” She’s a veritable encyclopedia of beauty knowledge. Without further ado, I give you her first post!

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