Happy Spa-lidays from Bliss!

Good morning, beauties! I am lucky enough to be on a bus that has wi-fi on it, so I thought I’d pop in for one last blog post before Christmas. I’m traveling far away from my ‘foam’ sweet ‘foam’ to be with my in-laws who live in New Hampshire, which is a completely different world than New York City. No hustle and bustle, no bright lights, no 24 hour diners, no Bliss spas! I even left my “industrial strength hair dryer” (that’s hubby’s name for my magical hair transformation machine) at home. Don’t worry, I packed about 20 lip glosses, a flat iron, three different face masks, and about 10 changes of clothes to get me through the weekend. You can take the girl out of the glamorous city, but you can’t take the glamorous city out of the girl!

All of our presents are wrapped and in suitcases, waiting for their future owners to open them. I hope that you’re all done with your gift buying. I’m a total planner and could never be a December 24th shopper. I wouldn’t be able to sleep for weeks knowing that my list was incomplete! I’m hoping to relax a little bit tonight before cooking the big feast for my husband’s family tomorrow. I hope that you all have a moment to sit down, relax, and be thankful for all the things you have this year. Try to forget about the things you want (I will not think about ghd flat irons for the rest of today!) and appreciate the small things that bring you bliss. We spend a lot of time talking about beauty products here, but what we really want you to achieve is a state of mind. We always say, “Bliss: Anything less would be stress!”

What’s your moment of bliss? Is it waking up to your kids jumping on the bed? Is it the minute you walk through the door from work and smell the familiar smells of home? Is it saying “I love you” to your significant other? A hug from your best friend? Finding the shirt you were drooling over at 50% off? Snuggling up on the couch with hot cocoa and your favorite movie? A hot bubble bath and a glass of wine? These are all tiny moments of bliss that come into our lives every day. They’re the moments that give us the warm, fuzzy feeling in our hearts. I hope that you experience a little bit of bliss every day.

From Bliss to your hearts and your home, have a very happy, healthy, and safe holiday.

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