Merry/Happy Every Holiday

Good morning, beauties! Hope you got everything on your wish list this year! We opened gifts last night. I am cooking this morning, but everything is in the oven right now, so I’m sneaking away for a moment to say hi!

I have a question-what’s your plan to get your pre-holiday figure back? I’m the first to admit hopping off the healthy food bandwagon, which is a huge disappointment because I lost over 20 pounds in 2008. Once the holidays hit, though, I started over eating a bit. I haven’t put on any significant weight, but I don’t want this kind of eating to become a habit! I have a major sugar addiction, so come January 1st I’m going cold turkey off the sugar.

While I get back into the swing of things at the gym, I’m going to invest in some shapewear. Nothing frustrates me more than not seeing results immediately. I know it’s unrealistic to expect immediate results, but I lose motivation very easily. The shapewear will give me a little jump start on looking slimmer at least. I’ve got my eye on this yummie tummie tank top. This particular tank sucks in in the midsection without creating the bulge effect. Ever wear something that sucks you in somewhere and then you’ve got a new bulge somewhere else. Not hot! I hear the sausage look is out this season, so skip it! The bonus part of wearing a tank is that it’ll keep in some body heat! It’s COLD outside, so layering will keep your body heat closer without having to wear a bulky sweater (which doesn’t help in the slimming department!).

Happy eating today. Happy slimming tomorrow!

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One Response to Merry/Happy Every Holiday

  1. Elin says:

    Hey there. You’ll want to try Slimpressions too if you don’t already have them. They have a shaping tank I adore. Thanks to all the turkey and sweets I’ve been eating for the last few weeks, my arms are wiggling even more than usual. They have two garments for the midriff, back fat and arm flab! Love ’em! I bought the Slimpressions “Haves” (as opposed to the “Have Nots”) at Intimacy in NY when I was there last. I wish I had bought more there but fortunately has them too. (free shipping) Gotta love it.

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