3 C’s of Cellulite Treatment

I have good news and bad news. First the good news, it’s winter time so for most of us, our dimpled thighs are safely hidden away beneath wool trousers and opaque tights. And the bad news? Spring will eventually come and the cellulite will still be there. And lucky us (not)– after a long, cold winter those cottage cheese textured thighs and buttocks, are usually accompanied by everyone’s fave winter sidekick, paste-y pale skin that hasn’t seen a ray of light since Labor Day Weekend.

More bad news … there is no cure for cellulite. Booooo!

The good news… you can effectively treat cellulite if you remember the three C’s of cellulite treatment:

Consistent. Constant. Continuous.

Yes, gals, even in the wintertime. I’ve tried it. I’m a believer. The 3 Cs work. Think of it like going to the gym. If you stop, you will NOT maintain the results. Same thing applies to treating that lumpy, orange peel mess south of our
belly buttons
. If you want to keep things smooth and de-dimpled, keep using your cellulite products all year ‘round! Afterall, the cellulite is still there, hiding, lurking, waiting all winter long, mocking our longing for summer sun n’ fun in skimpy minis and teeny bikinis.

It’s simple — putting off use of cellulite products until spring means more work later. Don’t you hate it when that first warm day comes along and you see that “stuff” on your thighs when you really wanted to wear shorts? Ugggh. Yuck! Trust me, the glare from pale post-winter skin is hard enough to handle. Do yourself a favor and treat the cellulite to avoid a double whammy of blinding light and lumpy thighs.

I’ve discovered that a regimen approach is the best defense to keep dimples off my butt cheeks and thighs. Here are my smooth moves:

1. Prep skin with a body exfoliator like
Hot Salt Scrub
or Blood Orange+White Pepper Sugar Scrub.

2. Cleanse skin with Serious Cellulite Soap (the nubs massage and the seaweed detoxifies).

3. Treat – morning I use fatgirlslim with encapsulated caffeine to diminish the water retention that makes cellulite look even worse, evening I recommend
with lavender and sacred lotus flower extract which helps me snooze while I lose! I don’t personally have a jelly belly, spare tire or muffin tops, but those who do will enjoy an abdominal application of lovehandler, known to significantly improve the appearance of the midsection (a useful tool to battle the bulge after many winter months of hibernation and comfort food).

4. Camouflage – this is my best cellulite secret – self tanner!! Spray the ultra-fine mist of my favorite self tanner, A Tan For All Seasons (not smelly, not streaky, not orange, dries fast – amazing – yes, I just sang that last word!) from waist to ankles for a toasty bronze, yet natural, goddess glow. Watch all those flaws that reveal themselves on doughy fluorescent winter white skin blur and disappear with a touch of tan!

Consistent. Constant. Continuous.

Afterall, there is only one place where dimples belong…

Bliss kisses!

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