Meet Stephanie!

Greetings Bliss Enthusiasts,

My name is Stephanie, I am the publissity coordinator at bliss spas. I am here to supplement Karen’s blog with a few entries of my own, and maybe drop a few comments on Karen’s posts as well.

Speaking of ‘posts’, I’d like to share some of bliss’ no-fail Post Holiday Tips with you. Feel free to follow these to ensure the most stress-free holiday season.

• Cold chopped cucumbers, rolled up in a paper-towel-type pack, make a fast and fresh eye saving mask, for those mornings when you’re battling under-eye bulge.
• A good, solid scrubbing also seems to work wonders on skins that have gone down to the depths of post-party ‘grey’ and grunge. Exfoliating not only removes dead cells and oil (which can build up and give your skin a sallow toned tint) but stimulates circulation under the skin.
• Prevention also eliminates puff. Before you hit the pillow, take a couple of aspirin (as long as you’re not allergic), down a bottle of water, and eat a banana (we all need our magnesium).
• As brutal as it may be, a warm/cold/warm/cold cold cold cold shower really wakes up your circulation.

Happy Holidays!


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