I made a New Year’s Resolution a few years ago. It was: “I resolve never to make another resolution ever again!” So far, it’s the only resolution I’ve ever actually kept. Every hear around this time, I hear lots of resolutions like this:

I’m going to lose [insert number here] pounds
I’m going to be a size [insert number here]
I want to look like [insert model/actress name here]

What boggles my mind is that people rarely have a plan (appropriate diet + exercise). A few months ago, the fabulously fit David Kirsch came to HQ to educate us about his products. David Kirsch is a former body builder now gym owner/personal trainer to the stars/supplement maker extraordinaire who chose Bliss as the exclusive retailer for his products outside of his own retail store/online business. That’s pretty exciting! 
David is truly an inspiration to all of us who eat candy and justify it as a serving of fruit because it tastes like lemon (am I the only one who does that?). He’s fit, he’s buff, and he’s completely dedicated his life to being the best he can be from the inside out. David’s philosophy is that anyone at any age can have a healthy mind, body and spirit. Easy for someone who hangs out with Liv Tyler and Heidi Klum all day! My thoughts on the situation-If it’s good enough for Heidi Klum, it’s good enough for me! I managed to get my clammy paws on a few samples. I tried the protein shakes which are delicious and are a lifesaver for anyone on the run. These are especially great for frequent travelers who have a hard time finding something edible in airports or on airplanes. They’re all single-serving packets pre-measured for the perfect portions. It doesn’t get much easier than that. A box of 20 is $58, which is extremely reasonable because it’s a full meal replacement. Where else can you get 20 meals for $58? Not at my grocery store!

I know I’m never going to look like Heidi Klum, and that’s okay. My genetics just weren’t in place for that to happen, but if I can live a healthier life by making simple changes ie: switch that piece of chocolate cake for a chocolate shake! I’m all about it! I’m a practical person who likes to live logically and I know that this is a change I can make. Not only has David Kirsch made it easy for lazy-pants like me to eat sensibly and make the “right” choice, but he’s done it at an attainable price point. The protein shakes are cheaper than any value meal at McDonalds and pack a serious nutritional punch. I would highly recommend the products to anyone and everyone-these are products you can’t afford to live without. As always, talk to your doctor before you start any diet or exercise program!

You can find David Kirsch’s products and exclusive kits at

Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday!
Bliss Kisses!
❤ Karen

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