Get the holiday jelly off your belly!

There are a few (very few) things in life that just look more cute when they’re pleasantly plump. Santa would look weird svelt. Samson, my friend’s cat, would look weird if there wasn’t so much of him to love. And can you imagine the Pillsbury Dough Boy going on a diet?

Most of us mortals don’t look better with an extra few pounds on us, especially around our middles. If you’ve got some more to love after too many cookies, whittle your middle with lovehandler.

-stimulates the skin surface for improved firmness and contour
-visibly minimizes the appearance of excess fluid retention (caffeine)
-firms with energy releasing amino acids (creatine)
-instantly cools the skin to tone and firm the skin surface (menthol)

This light weight gel formula has extended-release, encapsulated caffeine that stays active for up to 8 hours!

Clinical studies show:*
• 54.5% saw a reduction in the appearance of bloating in the abdominal area
• 50% reported an improvement in tone and contour
• Testers saw a trimmer waist in just 2 weeks

*Results reported from an independent clinical study conducted over a 6 week period.

Mix this with a great diet and exercise and you’ll be bikini-ready in no time! It’s only January, but you’ll be in the fitting rooms with those itty bitty bikinis before you can say “gingerbread cookie” five times fast!

looks better in your belly than on your belly!

looks better in your belly than on your belly!

Bliss Kisses!❤ Karen

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3 Responses to Get the holiday jelly off your belly!

  1. lois geller says:

    Where do I get a love handler? No Bliss where I live.

  2. but of course!

  3. If you are not an online shopper, Sephora also carries Bliss products.

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