Peeling Groovy

groovy1We channeled our inner flower child to come up with a skin care product that is truly groovy! Peeling Groovy is a super lightweight serum that brightens skin discolorations and improves skin texture without drying or irritation. It also flattens fine lines, refines pores, and brightens discolorations gently.

How does it work?
Peeling Groovy uses amino acids that are shown to be extremely non-irritating, and are completely safe for all skin types. The post-chemical peel scary face doesn’t look cute on anyone. Not even Samantha Jones (I am a serious Sex and the City fan).

It’s like a liquid version of a microdermabrasion kit – same effects; one step/one product. And, amino acids have an added bonus: they attract up to three times the normal levels of moisture, which helps support healthy skin function.

If you loved Sleeping Peel, you’ll absolutely adore Peeling Groovy.

It’s totally groovy, baby!

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