Blogging Blunder!

Good morning, beauties! On Friday I said that this week was going to be the focus on hair removal. My mistake! NEXT week is going to focus on hair removal. I have my days, weeks, months, and years mixed up. I have truly been moving way too fast lately and needed to take a breather [thus, no posts over the weekend]. Now I know what day it is (Monday), what date it is (Jan 12), and it’s definitely 2009 no matter what I keep writing on my checks. In the meantime, keep those hair removal questions coming!

Today I want to focus on how-to look gorgeous and well-rested even if you have a case of the Mondays (or Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays!) in under 10 minutes.

My quick fix for dull, tired skin
I know I’ve professed my love for the triple oxygen mask before, but I have to give it the love it truly deserves. Did you know that this mask won the Best of Sephora award for “Skin Savior” in 2008? Triple oxygen mask oxygenates and energizes the skin, and the beautiful citrus scent and the instant foaming action really wakes up the senses. [Not as much as my triple grande sugar-free vanilla soy latte, but it does the trick]. I wish I could show you what the mask looks like. If you saw it/felt it you’d be totally hooked. Once the mask hits your skin, it instantly foams up and you’ll look like Frosty the Glow Girl in 5 minutes flat.

My quick fix for dark circles
Dark circles are my arch nemesis. Even if I’ve slept for 14 hours I still look tired. Smashbox photo op under eye brightener is my makeup BFF. It’s purse friendly/travel friendly, so I take it with me wherever I go. A little dab on the inner corner of my eyes immediately brightens and illuminates the area, taking the attention away from my raccoon eyes. Dark circles are cute on these furry friends, but not on me! raccoon

Happy Monday! Get ready to Say ‘farewell’ to Bush next week. Book your signature brazilian bikini wax online or call 877 TO BLISS to book your appointment. And don’t forget to mention the code “farewell to Bush” at checkout for 20% off!

Bliss Kisses!
❤ Karen

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