Superbowl ‘spa’-day!

Ladies, does football boggle your mind? I certainly don’t get it, but I’m a girlie girl.
1-It’s a fashion nightmare-Shoulder pads?! Please leave your shoulder pads in the 80’s right where they belong, sister!

2-It’s a skincare nightmare. We spend hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of dark circles and here are all these men ADDING dark circles!

3-Not to mention what happens to your beautiful house and home when all the dudes congregate in front of your television screaming obscenities while gobbling cheese curls like they’re going out of style. Luckily, my husband does not watch sports. That could have been a real deal breaker. Sunday=Brunchday in my book.

If you need to escape and find salvation on Superbowl Sunday, join us at Bliss Spas for our Superbowl ‘spa’-day event. Ditch the boys and beer for beauty bargains at our in-spa event.

• FREE polish changes
• personalized beauty ‘coaching’ from our all-star technicians

• discounts on Bliss and Laboratoire Remède products

• half-time raffle to win a FREE deep tissue massage (aka sports massage)
• glam grab bag prizes given out each hour

• big game bites and buzz-free brew (hey, hangovers are not pretty)

sunday, february 1st, 3-6pm

Participating Bliss spas:

541 Lexington Ave

Bliss Chicago
644 North Lake Shore Drive, 8th Floor

Bliss Dallas
2440 Victory Park Lane, 16th Floor

Bliss Atlanta-Midtown
188 14th St, NE

Bliss Scottsdale
7277 East Camelback Rd

Bliss Kisses!❤ Karen

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