History of Hair Removal

I wanted to kick off hair removal week with something slightly educational, so to enrich your mind I’ve done some research and learned about the history of hair removal!

While we’re busy saying ‘farewell’ to Bush, cave men (and cave ladies) removed their hair way before it was en vogue. caveman The first hair removal was done by cavemen who scraped hair off their faces with semi-sharp stones and plucked hair away with crude tweezers. OUCH! And you thought your last Brazilian wax hurt! Cavemen weren’t removing their hair because they wanted to pick up chicks; they wanted to prevent vermin from getting caught in their beards. EWW!

Ancient Egyptians were also known to scrape away hair to prevent their adversaries from grabbing onto anything during battle. Sounds like something you should do before going on the Jerry Springer show! jerry-springer

Ancient Egyptians were more sophisticated than the cavemen. Egyptians were the first to use sugaring. A sticky paste (usually made of bees wax) was applied to the skin and the hair was yanked off. Sounds familiar, no?

In the ancient Roman Empire, hair removal was an indicator of someone’s social and economic status. Wealthy women removed body hair with pumice stones, razors, tweezers and depilatory cream. Looks like our little statue friend just came from the spa! greek-statue

Later, European women removed hair, but not from the body. European women removed their eyebrows and the hair from their foreheads to give themselves a longer brow.

1760 is when hair removal made its biggest leap. A french barber named Jean Jacques Perret invented the first metal razor. This razor was supposed to protect the skin and reduce damage, but still doesn’t look like something I would want anywhere near my skin! perret-razor

In the 1800’s King Camp Gilette (wasn’t a real king, just his name!), an American businessman inveted the….you guessed it-Gilette razor! In 1915, the first women’s razor became readily available. It was the same year that Harpers Bazaar magazing featured a model wearing a sleeveless dress and no hair in the armpits! Good timing because clothes were about to get much more skimpy! Can you imaging going out in a strapless gown with hairy armpits? YIKES!

Now for your hair removing pleasure we’ve got creams, razors, epilators, electric razors, lasers, tweezers, electrolysis, wax, and any other creative way you’ve yanked, plucked, pulled or smoothed.

Hope you found this slightly entertaining, as well as educational!
Bliss Kisses!<3 Karen

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4 Responses to History of Hair Removal

  1. BlissFan says:

    Do you remember Julia Roberts’ hairy armpit? Gross!

  2. Lori van Dam says:

    I’m sorry, but the title of the email I received veered WAY too far past cute, straight into offensive–“say ‘farewell’ to bush with waxing”??? The decision to use all lowercase in your email titles definitely did not serve you well–I’m no fan of our current president, but his name is far too close to something that requires waxing to be cavalier about it.

  3. I saw your comment and wanted to send you a note to respond. Part of our branding is the use of lower-case letters. The promotion is not meant to be negative or offensive. It is merely a play on words. I hope you have a great weekend and get some rest-I know I’m totally bushed.

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