How to Wax Poetic at Home

I have a co-worker whose first hair removal experience was at the age of 9 when her particularly precocious best friend pressed duct tape on her pre-pubescent leg hair, then ripped it off! This primitive practice DID remove hair, and proved to be an excruciating shock to my colleague, who at the time was a bit of a Tomboy and didn’t really care if her legs were hairy.

These days, hair removal is ‘de rigueur’ for most beauty mavens. The smoother and more hairless the better… legs, under arms, fore arms, bikini area. Professional waxing at salons and spas is the modern method of choice, I think because it is easier to pay someone else to inflict discomfort, rather than do so yourself. The first time I had a Brazilian (ie take it all off down there), I went to a neighborhood salon in my Brooklyn neighborhood and the waxing professional told me that when she gets a Brazilian (add Eastern European accent here) her “pants feel too big after!” She also told me, “shut up and enjoy your pain.” Not kidding.

Good news for do-it-yourselfers: you can wax at home!!!
Poetic Waxing Kit is the same wax used in the bliss spa treatment rooms. Because it is a low heat wax that ‘shrink wraps’ the hair without sticking to the skin, Poetic Wax offers a very comfortable waxing experience, even for those with sensitive skin. Poetic Wax is a hard wax, which means the wax becomes the strip… no cloth strips needed… making it a fast, quick and easy way to remove hair. The kit contains: a mug of Poetic Wax, assorted spatulas for applying the wax, pre waxing cleanser, pre and post waxing lotion.

Here’s how it works (please read and follow the instructions in the Poetic Waxing Kit):
1. Set the cup of poetic wax in a pan on the stove with water (about half way up the cup), heat pan until water simmers and wax melts.

2. Remove pan from stove. Allow wax to cool to the consistency of thick honey; temperature should be comfortable to the touch.

3. Cleanse the area to be waxed with the pre-waxing cleanser. Thoroughly dry skin, then apply pre- and post- waxing oil.

4. Using the spatula size of choice (large or small, depending on where you are waxing), apply wax in the direction of hair growth, in a layer the thickness of a banana peel, then allow to harden until it feels like laffy taffy.

5. To remove wax, pull against the hair growth with a motion parallel to the skin surface. I recommend flicking at the end of the wax strip with your fingers to create a place to grab; make sure you are removing wax against hair growth.

6. When you are finished waxing, clean the area and apply the pre- and post- waxing lotion to soothe and calm.

Where can I use Poetic Wax?
Great for upper lip, brows. Great for fore arms, under arms. Legs will take a long time and use a lot of wax; I recommend a spa visit.

How ‘bout a do-it-yourself Brazilian?
If you are brave and bendy, theoretically you can do a Brazilian with Poetic Wax. I highly recommend visiting a professional for this service. Do you really want to yank-out hair down there on your own? If the answer is “yes, absolutely!”, please see a mental health provider and/or practice your waxing skills on an area such as legs, before approaching your nether region. If you must do this yourself, use small strips of wax! Do not ever apply wax to the entire bikini area all at once or you will end up with a hard, blue, wax helmet that is very difficult to remove. Really, a spa visit is sooooo much easier!

Can I use the wax leftover in the cup?
Sure, let the wax harden, cover with foil or plastic wrap and store until next time.

Do you have waxing questions? Please ask… I will answer! bliss kisses, Donna

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4 Responses to How to Wax Poetic at Home

  1. Gina says:

    Do they make refills of the poetic wax?

  2. We currently do not for home use, but you can re-heat leftover wax!

  3. Where to buy the refill for POETIC WAX? Thank you for your attention.Sincerely .Martha

  4. Hi Martha!

    We do not currently sell refills for the poetic waxing kit, but may look into it in the future. Thanks for reading!
    Miss Bliss

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