Q & A with Miss Bliss

Q: Dear Miss Bliss,

I will be going on Spring Break 3/2-3/8. I’d like to get a two Brazilian waxes before I go since it’s been a while since I’ve been waxed. I’d like to get one within the next few weeks and then one 48 hours before I leave (2/28). When do you recommend I get the first wax?

Waxing Poetic

A: Dear Waxing Poetic,

Where are you going on your trip and can I come, too? You’re mentioned that you’re going away in a few weeks. Six, to be exact. What I’m wondering is if you know about how long it takes for your hair to grow back post wax. Hair cycles can be a tricky thing. We can estimate that we see our regular clients about 4 weeks between waxes.

That being said, hair cycles vary from person to person. So you may need a wax ever three weeks while your friend, Sally Smith, needs a wax ever six weeks (lucky her!). Keep in mind that you’ll need some fuzz down there in order to get waxed right before your trip. Use your best judgment; there does need to be enough hair for the wax to grab.

Don’t forget that waxing is half the battle. If you want to soothe your skin post waxing, grab a tube of Bliss Problem Salved. This little 20-in-1 wonder balm is my BFF after waxing or shaving (hey, sometimes I don’t have time to get to the spa!). Problem salved is purse friendly, travel friendly, and cures all sorts of beauty woes. It soothes freshly waxed skin (see: redness, sensitivity, post-waxing itchiness) and it great for a myriad of uses that will come in handy on spring break:
blisters caused by new flip flops
sunburn, but I’m sure you won’t get a sunburn because you’ll be wearing SPF, right?:)
tame fly away hairs after all those volleyball games on the beach
nourish cuticles after drying out your skin in the pool
…..and more.

Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip.

Miss Bliss

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One Response to Q & A with Miss Bliss

  1. Gina says:

    So I decided to take advantage of the ‘farewell to bush’ promotion and go for the full monty last week. I must say that it was the best wax experience. ANTOANETA was fabulous. It was quick and as painless as it could be. I will definitely be going back before Spring Break!

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