Not so beauty related

Little Miss Bliss has turned into little Miss Sniff! My allergies have decided to take up a permanent residence in my body, leaving me sniffling, sneezing, and wheezing for the entire year. What used to be just a seaonal discomfort from May until August has fully bloomed into a full-on nasal crisis! ACHOO!

rudolfThe holiays have come and gone and Rudolf is not a good look for me at all. Going through a box of tissues every 3 days is a rough on the schnoz!

We’ve been gushing about the gazillion and one ways to use Problem Salved since it launched in May. Healing chapped noses is by far the most underrated use for it.

Have you ever taken a tiny pump of [insert brand here] lotion or moisturizer, apply it to your nose and it starts burning like someone lit a fire somewhere embedded in the 7 layers of skin? fire Ouch, ouch, ouch!

I decided to get adventurous and dig Problem Salved out of the trunk of beauty products in my apartment. Problem Salved is soothing, non-greasy, and has skin healing properties from a blend of natural plant extracts that target irritation associated with skin dryness, stress, sensitivities, detergent use, inflammation, and UV exposure.

What makes Problem Salved so special? Mango butter, which is rich in vitamin E and highly moisturizing with soothing, emollient properties which help support optimal skin repair

kukui nut oil (also known as candlenut), a tree native to Hawaii, immediately relieves symptoms of irritation and provides a protective shield that locks in moisture; used to soothe sunburn, windburn, heat induced burns, and chapped skin, antioxidant vitamins A, C and E

Tea tree oil a natural essential oil known for soothing insect bites and stings and recognized for anti-microbial action, suitable even for sensitive skin. This ingredient is what allows it to be used on multiple areas from chapped noses to waxed skin without harvesting a cruise ship of cooties (like your office door handle, your keyboard, cell phone, subway handles).

With all these fantastic ingredients, you just might be looking foward to allergy season or your next winter cold. Okay, maybe not.

Bliss Kisses (and sniffles and sneezes!)
❤ Karen

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2 Responses to Not so beauty related

  1. Eloisethepug says:

    Miss Bliss: I agree. I love Kukui Nut.
    Wishing you speedy sniffling recovery. Take it from a pug sista, the sniffles are a PAIN.
    Eloisethepug aka Eloise

  2. Andre says:

    Tea Tree Oil – I think I could write a 50 page essay on tea tree. I live by the stuff. Discovered it, on the advice of a pharmacist, in about 1997 for chronic throat infections and since using it I have never had them again (although as soon as I feel a tickle in the throat I gargle with it in as hot water as possible.) Doesn’t taste too good but does the trick.

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