Unexpected Beauty Role Models

In the beauty world, we tend to think “you’re only as old as you look.” Well, I have two role models that exemplify the phrase “you’re only as young as you feel.” Both are men. Older men.

One is my father who, bless his soul, was extremely active (mind and body) until at 81 he layed down for a catnap to pep up before a basketball game, and peacefully passed. (Note to self: no napping!) Into his golden years, he kept his mind super busy even after retirement with everything from advising venture capital firms to doing crossword puzzles (he could finished the Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle). He was never sick beyond the common cold.

Dad’s robust, Mediterranean complexion was gorgeously lineless and smooth even at 80+. Yes, he avoided the sun long before spf was a household word. His skin age defied his chronological age, as did his spirit and humor. He was a young 81 year old, who would volunteer at the senior center to “help out the elderly.” I would ask him, “Exactly how old are these people? You’re over 80.” Youthful maturity in action!

My other ageless role model is my father-in-law. He looks like Sean Connery, wears a suit like a star, and you should see the guy do a swan dive from the end of the dock at the lake house! He is quick witted, modern, always on the go and has a wife 15 years his junior. You’re only as young as you feel!

What I am suggesting is that “youth” is a concept not a timeline. I have met 4 year old ‘old souls’ who seem like 40 year olds. And 75 year olds who could not lose their sprightly kick and sparkle if they tried. For me, youth is about looking good and feeling good… at any age… laughter and love (it’s Valentine’s Day Weekend) also keep a bounce in your step! (So does eating well and exercise.)

And thankfully, we have some terrific beauty saviors in the form of products to help maintain the exterior. I recommend avoiding excessive sun exposure, use sun protection and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Anti-aging ingredients in modern skin care are truly science in action! I am currently alternating between three personal moisturizer favorites: Remede Hydra Therapy Lift Crème (my new fave), The Youth As We Know It Moisture Cream (my BFF) and another new find, Best of Skintention. And to make whatever skin care products I am using work even harder, I love the booster action of The Youth As We Know It Concentrate, an illuminating serum with a dual encapsulation release of hydration and age fighters that makes your skin look gorgeous.

Of course you could also dance… check out this smokin’ 87 year old woman (keep watching… it takes a while for her to get cookin’.) I definitely have a new beauty idol!

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend…
bliss kisses,

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