Laboratoire Remede Double Intensive Serum: the magic wand of skin care

Have you ever wished for skin that looked energized? Clearer pores? Radiant, glowing skin? Have you ever wanted a blemish to vanish quickly? I think that we can collectively say “yes” to all of those wish-list items (Unless you have perfect skin, in which case we are not friends! This blog is for mere mortals!). Laboratoire Remede Intensive Double Serum addresses all of those wish-list items!

Laboratoire Remede
did an amazing job at creating customizied, targeted treatments for common skin concerns. If you’re feeling a little lost and can’t figure out which new product replaces your beloved discontinued item, this chart should be a huge help. I have been happily fielding questions like, “I used to have this cream with the green flower on it, but I can’t remember the name of it…”

Laboratoire Remede Intensive Double Serum is a high tech, two-in-one serum for radiant skin that features two of nature’s most powerful radiance boosters: Oxygen and Vitamin C in an airtight, dual chamber serum. The dual chamber system allows for customized application of antioxidants, skin brightening, collagen boosting vitamin C, and pore clearing, energizing, skin stimulating oxygen.

What else can Intensive Double Serum do?
Double Intensive Serum can be used as a spot treatment. Use a single dose of Vitamin C Serum as a spot treatment for hyperpigmentation (age spots). Use a single dose of Oxygenating Serum as a spot treatment for breakouts. Blemish-causing bacteria can’t survived in an oxygen-filled environment. You can use the Intensive Double Serum after using Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask so you can help kick blemishes to the curb.

If you are wondering “why do I need a serum?”
When you see serum think ‘targeted treatment’… a skin specialist formulated to address a specific skin concern. Serums tend to be lighter in texture than moisturizers to penetrate the skin quickly and work in conjunction with a moisturizer for optimal skin appearance.

To use Laboratoire Remede’s Intensive Double Serum, apply to face and neck, each morning after cleansing and toning for normal and mature skin types. Apply morning and evening, for oily and combination skin types. Avoid the eye area. Follow with appropriate moisturizer.

We’re giving away free shipping with all Laboratoire Remede purchases. Use code 029909 at checkout.

Bliss Kisses
❤ Karen

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  1. Makayla says:

    The article was an enlightening one which spoke a lot of our craze and desire for lovely glowing skin.

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