How to Make Exercising Fun and Easy with MBT Shoes

We sat down with Sharon Seagrave, two time Olympic athlete, to talk about MBT shoes. We were curious to know how to incorporate MBT shoes into our lives and wanted some simple and easy fitness tips.

Miss Bliss: What fitness tips do you have for beginners (I love that you’re an athlete, but what about the Jane Doe? How should she get started?)

Sharon: Develop a LIFESTYLE of health first (consistent effort over a long period of time pertaining to exercise and nutrition) And when you really start to enjoy being fit, the process will lead to performing – whether it’s in your everyday responsibilities of taking care of yourself and family or participating in a local walking /running event.
Focus on what you can do to add to the effort it will take to reach your goal. So, that means have your workout clothes accessible, even if you have to keep a bag in your car. If you have to work out early in the morning, the first step is literally jumping out of the bed running to the bathroom and turning the light on. Since the light is on, put your workout clothes on. Since you have your clothes on, put on your shoes. Well, since your shoes are on, walk to the door open it and go out. Walk in one direction for 30 minutes, turn around and walk back home. Do that 3 times a week for a month and then add to it. One step at a time….

Miss Bliss: How do you turn everyday activities into exercises with MBT shoes?


Sharon: Write a list of the activities you do on a daily basis on a sheet of paper. Then think about what muscles you use when you are performing these tasks – vacuuming or simply standing at the counter making dinner (calf raises anyone?)

Whatever exercises you decide to do, make sure you are contracting the muscles quickly and returning slowly to beginning position. Try to do 3 sets of each movement. If you are picking up toys, this is a perfect time to do squats or lunges (multidirectional of course—front, side, and backwards lunges). If you are doing laundry, first fold it and then put it in the basket, proceed by doing biceps curls and then over head presses-3 times 12.

Miss Bliss: How do you make exercise fun?

Sharon: Have a goal that really matters to you. A goal that does not have a number associated with it but one that will make you feel healthy and full of love for yourself and others. And by the way, a little music and friends to do it with are always a big plus.

Miss Bliss: How do you get moving in your MBT shoes?

Sharon: I am typing this slowly…I want you to read this slowly….Ready? First put them on….Second, lace them properly… and third, STAND UP! MBT shoes are so amazing that whether walking or simply standing still your muscles are WORKING…almost 20% more when walking and nearly 40% more while standing. It is automatic! (Was I too hard on you? OH Well you asked for it!)

Miss Bliss: Why do MBT shoes benefit people with joint pain/back problems/etc?

Sharon: As a two time Olympic jumper and hurdler, I can tell you that relieving the pain in my joints—knee, hip and lower back was my number one reason for trying MBT shoes. And boy, am I glad I did. You see, when I would train everyday my coach would command us, after beating up our body, to do activities that would allow our bodies to regenerate and subsequently prevent future injuries. We would run barefoot on soft grass or on the sandy long jump pit. By training the supporting musculature that acts as “shock absorbers” to our joints, tendons, and ligaments we are able to protect our joints all over our entire body. MBT shoes benefit people with these types of issues by giving positive feedback in the form of increased muscles activity, improved posture, increased blood flow for healing, and an extraordinarily comfortable walking experience. People who wear MBT shoes are able to escape the repeated shock and compression that occurs when walking or standing on hard flat surfaces wearing conventional footwear. MBT shoes provide protection and activation with every step, every day.

Miss Bliss: Which muscles are most benefited by wearing MBT shoes/how to engage your muscles in your MBT shoes?

Sharon: For me, I have seen improvement in the muscles in my lower extremities and core. These include the buttocks, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and, of course, the over 29 muscles of the feet. I have also seen a tightening of my core muscles in the abdominal area. My personal findings match what they have concluded in numerous clinical trials. MBT shoes provide 19% increased muscle activity when walking and 38% when standing. Yeah!!!!

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  1. Chang Tana says:

    Really thanks to your post, Now I can have a lot of things to do with my MBTs.

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