Photostabilized Sun Protection


We received a great question about photostabilization. Yes, the sunscreen ingredients in Best of Skintentions are photostabilized. This opens the door to talk about one of my favorite skincare topics – sun protection. Just to clarify, SPF is a measure of protection, not an ingredient. If unprotected skin takes an average of 10 minutes to burn, and SPF 15 would provide 150 minutes of protection from burning. A sunscreen is a topical formulation intended to protect skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation from the sun. The active ingredients contained in sunscreens are chemical compounds that either reflect and scatter the harmful UV rays, or absorb them and dissipate their energy harmlessly. Photostabilizers are organic compounds that help to prevent the sun protection ingredients from degrading, thus losing their effectiveness in sunlight.

While photostabilizers are important for maintaining the effectiveness of a sun protection product, the best ways to protect skin from burning and aging are:

proper application – use adequate amounts of sunscreen; about 1 fl oz for the body and a stripe down two fingers for the face. Apply 20-30 minutes before sun exposure. Use sun protection every day.
frequent reapplication — reapply every 2 hours when outdoors; reapply more frequently when swimming or sweating a lot.

look for both an SPF and a UVA rating. Most sun protection products in the USA do not have a tested, demonstrated UVA rating; even if the package says UVA protection, if you do not see a rating and an established testing system on the label, you cannot be sure of the UVA protection effectiveness. SPF only measures UVB protection against burning rays. UVA are the aging rays.

Best of skintentions is a daily moisturizer with a megadose of botanical vitamins, minerals and antioxidants PLUS photostabilized, tested, demonstrated UVB and UVA protection. All at a very friendly $35. Woohoo!

Bliss Kisses,

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