Cure Mad Brow Disease!

Symptoms of Mad Brow Disease: brows that are bushy, unkempt, and sometimes they are not eyebrows-they are an eyebrow! Imagine your eyes are a beautiful picture and your eyebrows are the picture frame. You’d want to put that picture in the nicest frame possible, right? Right! Our estheticians are truly artists when it comes to shaping your brows so they look great right after waxing and as they grow in.

My first wax brow wax was at Bliss Spa. I was getting a facial and after cleansing my skin, my esthetician looked at me and said, “You have a beautiful eyebrow shape. Do you mind if I clean them up a bit?” I’m a firm believer of the phrase “When in Rome…” so I said “Sure!” I nervously laid there and wondered, “Is this going to hurt? What will Mr. Tweezerman think of this?”

Five minutes later, my brows looked cleaner, more defined. The shape hadn’t changed, but they looked And I felt pretty silly for being nervous-it didn’t hurt at all. Poetic Wax is a skin-friendly wax. Because it is a low heat wax that ‘shrink wraps’ the hair without sticking to the skin, Poetic Wax offers a very comfortable waxing experience, even for those with sensitive skin. Poetic Wax is a hard wax, which means the wax becomes the strip… no cloth strips needed… making it a fast, quick and easy way to remove hair.

The Poetic Waxing Kit is our take-home version of the same wax we use in the spa. The Poetic Waxing Kit contains: a mug of Poetic Wax, assorted spatulas for applying the wax, pre waxing cleanser, pre and post waxing lotion.

For the full scoop on how to use our at-home Poetic Waxing Kit, see Donna’s Blog about how to wax poetic at home

For you spa mavens out there, we’re offering $20 brow waxes from 3/13-3/20. To book an appointment, visit or call 877-TO-BLISS to speak to a booking representative.

Later this week we will be talking about how to prevent post-waxing breakouts. Stay tuned!

Bliss Kisses!
❤ Karen

About karenglidden

My name is Karen Glidden and I’m the web content coordinator for Bliss. I will be the primary author of Bliss n Tell. For all your beautification needs, please refer to My background is not beauty related at all. I graduated from Boston University and worked at Starbucks for many years climbing their corporate ladder. Pre-Bliss, my idea of a milky cleanser was the residue left on my face after making cappuccinos all day. I’ve been with Bliss since October 2007 and have been converted into a product worshipper. I’m the MacGyver of skincare. I love inventing new uses to beauty products. You’ll find me putting toner on my legs to help with dry skin, wearing my glamour gloves on the subway to smooth my hands, and using skincare in my hair to tame flyaways. Oh, did I mention that I’m totally frugal. Yes, this little Bliss girl is a ‘recessionista’ for sure (hey, I still have student loans to pay off!) My skin type is normal. I’m not particularly breakout prone unless it’s stress related or hormonal. I’m not too oily, but sometimes dry all over depending on the weather. I’ve got an even skin tone and not too many fine lines, wrinkles, or hyperpigmentation. I have some sun damage from years of sun-worshipping sans SPF, my greatest skincare regret in life. My biggest skin concern are fine lines/wrinkles around my eyes and laugh lines around my mouth. Oh, and some uh….cellulite on my bum/thighs. Yes, I am human (you can stop pointing and laughing now, thanks!). My Favorite Bliss Product: I can’t choose just one. It’s a tie between Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask and A Tan For All Seasons Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask is my five minute beauty fix for just about everything (breakouts, dull/tired skin, dryness). A Tan For All Seasons is my best friend. It’s a stink-free tan in a can. I cannot live without a sun-kissed glow all year (without the UV damage, of course!)
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One Response to Cure Mad Brow Disease!

  1. Cristina says:

    Tee hee Mr. Tweezerman probably thought, “Thank goodness I get some rest!” HAHA!

    I’m glad you have this promo going on because it’s been a hair over a month since my last brow wax so I am definitely going in for an appointment!

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