How to prevent post-waxing breakouts

Post Face Wax 411:

Help! I removed my moustache, now I have breakout bumps!

When I was in my early teens, my brother (who is nine years older than I) used to tease me relentlessly about having a moustache (I didn’t have one). Thinking “a lady shouldn’t have a moustache,” I visited the local pharmacy and discovered that LOTS of ladies evidently have moustaches! There were TONS of facial hair treatment options! You can bleach upper lip hair (then you have a blonde moustache). You can use depilatory to dissolve those hairs (really smelly right under your nose). You can shave (eww, face stubble!? please, no!). Or you can WAX!!! For me, discovering waxing was a true beauty epiphany! I officially said “bye bye” to my Mr. Lady look!

Then I discovered that facial waxing comes with a variety of post waxing concerns. You remove unwanted hair (yay!) and then many of us end up with post-waxing breakout bumps in the upper lip and eyebrow area (boo!). What’s a girl to do? Thankfully, you can ‘treat yourself’ with change your spots from bliss. Apply 4-6 hours post hair removal and then in 12 hour intervals after that to prevent and treat those darn bumps. Breakouts occur post-waxing because the hair follicle becomes vulnerable and inflamed due to hair removal. The breakout is your body’s healing response to the follicle being disturbed. The salicylic acid in change your spots takes down the breakout bumps by clearing the follicle and reducing inflammation.

Another post-waxing upper lip concern is dark, shadowy pigmentation. The actual waxing does not cause the dark skin spots. However, most waxing treatments stick to the skin and remove the top layer of skin during the waxing process.* This makes the skin more sensitive to the sun and hyperpigmentation. If you are on antibiotics, birth control pills or hormone replacement, the skin can be extra sun sensitive. The good news is spiff upper lip will help diminish those upper lip shadows AND help discourage the appearance of hair regrowth, so your waxing treatment lasts longer and your upper lip area looks brighter! Use spiff upper lip nightly for best results.

*note: Poetic Waxing Kit contains a special hard wax that shrink-wraps the hair and does not stick to skin!

bliss kisses, Donna

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7 Responses to How to prevent post-waxing breakouts

  1. Susy says:

    “If you are on antibiotics, birth control pills or hormone replacement, the skin can be extra sun sensitive”

    If you are on b/c pills it makes your skin extra sensitive to the sun? or waxing in general? like if you get bikini waxing done b4 you are on the pill. Then can you still get it done after you start the pill?

  2. Sara says:

    I know this is a late response….but if you are on BC you are more likely to develop melasma, a hormonal sensitivity to sunlight.

  3. Cleaning the waxed area after waxing with a mild astringent helps in preventing breakouts.

  4. Missy says:

    what’s a mild astringent? is that the same as a toner? will a non-alcoholic toner have the same affect as an astringent in that case?

  5. Hi Missy! While they may work for some, we don’t normally recommend astringents at Bliss. Astringents constrict the skin tissues to make large pores look smaller, and can reduce surface oil content – but they only work on the skin’s surface, while the breakout is happening in the pore (follicle). Astringents won’t reduce inflammation or clean out the pore as effectively as a mild salicylic acid treatment such as Change Your Spots. Hope that helps!

  6. Missy says:

    thnx blissbeatyblog, that does help:)
    so where can i find a mild salicylic acid treatement? does it come in different names?

  7. I would try our very own Change Your Spots blemish-busting treatment for starters!

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