Q & A With Miss Bliss

Q: Dear Miss Bliss,

If you are on birth controls pills does it makes your skin extra sensitive to the sun? or waxing in general? like if you get bikini waxing done b4 you are on the pill. Then can you still get it done after you start the pill?

Waxing Poetic

A: Dear Waxing Poetic:

Birth control pills can make your skin sun sensitive… whether you wax or not! Add in strip wax, which exfoliates the top layers of skin and you have another factor contributing to skin sensitivity.

You can definitely wax when using birth control pills. I do all the time! Face, arms, bikini area…. and I am not blotchy with hyperpigmentation because I use sun protection daily on my face and whenever other body parts are exposed to UV light. So simply be sure to use sun protection daily… at bliss, we believe that daily sun protection use is a “must do” part of EVERYONE’s beauty regimen… whether you are on birth control pills or not! So wax away, my friend, and enjoy your smooth, fuzz-free bliss!

Bliss Kisses!

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