To mix or not to mix??? that is the question…

Our meeting debate of the day was… should we pre-mix steep clean mask to make it easier for the customer to use? Some people like mixing the blue with the yellow… others think it would be better if we blended them in the lab and removed an extra step for the customer.

Would love to hear what steep clean mask fans think… your wish is our command!

miss bliss

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  1. Great Great so Great!

  2. Ashley says:

    I generally rub my hands together a bit before I apply a product so I like to mix:) I think it’s great as is.

  3. Lexi says:

    I always feel like the mask feels more active and affective when I mix the blue and yellow together right before I apply it. When I travel I fill a small container with both the blue and yellow. The premixed mask always feels less active. Is it all just in my head?

  4. No, Lexi – it’s not all just in that pretty little head of yours! Mixing the blue and yellow compounds in the Steep Clean mask activates the complexion-clearing enzymes, so your strategy is a good one. Be sure to blend well so the goop turns green before applying!

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