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want a personal shopping ‘spa’-ssistant?

Here’s the thing: even though most guys act like they’re total ‘Tim The Tool Men’, I have a sneaking suspicion that when they walk through the cavernous aisles of Home Depot, they feel totally overwhelmed by the vast array of … Continue reading

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‘gorilla’ marketing is about to hit NYC!

I’m not going to beat around the ‘bush’: being overly hairy during skimpy season is NOT pretty. So here at Bliss, home of painless-as-possible waxing and highly acclaimed hair removal products, we’ve decided to launch a full-on protest against unwanted … Continue reading

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poll: what’s the best body butter scent?

Like the iPod to Apple, the Big Mac to McDonald’s or the Beetle to Volkswagen, Body Butter is the one thing that comes to most people’s minds when you mention Bliss. Launched a decade ago in the iconic lemon+sage scent, … Continue reading

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primping picks for the pregnant set: part two

Hi again! Julie here, to finish up my list of primping product suggestions for the pregnant ladies out there. Here are some more mom-to-be must-haves*: diamancel #2 nail file Prenatal vitamins can make your nails grow super-fast. Keep those newly … Continue reading

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primping picks for the pregnant set

Here at Bliss HQ, more than 10% of our staff is pregnant. And between friends and family members who are also expecting, there seems to be a mini-boom going on. (Hey, maybe the economy forced everyone to find cheap forms … Continue reading

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attention scottsdale: honk if you like spa freebies!

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for anything drive-thru: banking, fast food, coffee…all of it totally appeals to my lazy side. I’m even willing to overlook the hassle of repeating my order through that fuzzy little speaker for the … Continue reading

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coming soon: bliss washington d.c.!

Hello, my beauty-loving brood. I have some exciting news about our latest spa launch! But before I get into all that, I’d like to say that I’m sorry for being blasé about blogging, yet again. (For some reason, I’m hearing … Continue reading

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