primping picks for the pregnant set

Here at Bliss HQ, more than 10% of our staff is pregnant. And between friends and family members who are also expecting, there seems to be a mini-boom going on. (Hey, maybe the economy forced everyone to find cheap forms of entertainment, if you know what I mean.) Our Copywriter Julie is one of the ladies in this ‘swell’ condition, so I asked her to guest blog and recommend some pregnancy-friendly beauty buys. Here’s what she had to say –

Miss Bliss

Greetings, readers! Now that I’ve got a bun in the oven, I’m discovering just how much of a number pregnancy does on your body. Between ballooning bellies, inflated ankles and pregnancy acne, all of us moms-to-be could use a little something to help us feel more glam. So whether you’re still staring slack-jawed at a positive pregnancy test or are about to pop any day, these prenatal pampering picks will ‘deliver’ a much-needed beauty boost.*

mama mio tummy rub
Some say stretch marks are genetic and unavoidable—but I know that won’t keep any of us from trying our darndest to stop them. Keep the stretching from permanently etching your skin with this award-winning, omega-rich oil.

bliss foot patrol
Towards the end of pregnancy, your feet may swell from water retention. (On the bright side, you probably won’t be able to see them past your bulbous belly.) This exfoliating foot cream has peppermint to relieve tired soles and puffy ankles.

bliss triple oxygen instant energizing eye mask
You think sleep deprivation starts post-baby? Think again. Between mom-to-be anxiety and extra bathroom trips, pregnancy can leave you looking pooped. This instant brightening eye mask will help you fake a full night’s rest.

dr sebagh deep exfoliating mask
Many women develop what’s called the ‘mask of pregnancy’, a darkening of skin caused by hormonal changes messing with melanin production. This exfoliating mask will lighten it up so you don’t look like the Lone Ranger.

bliss steep clean pore purifying mask
So you’ve got a bump not only in your belly, but a few on your face, too? I was just thrilled to see pregnancy-induced pimples appear in my first trimester, but this clog-clearing mask can help keep hormone-induced breakouts at bay.

I’ve got more recommendations where those came from, so stay tuned for the rest of the list tomorrow. In the meantime – happy gestating!


*I’m no doctor—so please consult with yours if you have questions about using any of the products above.

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