primping picks for the pregnant set: part two

Hi again! Julie here, to finish up my list of primping product suggestions for the pregnant ladies out there. Here are some more mom-to-be must-haves*:

diamancel #2 nail file
Prenatal vitamins can make your nails grow super-fast. Keep those newly strong talons in shape with this nail file. Made with genuine diamond, it’s so durable it might last until your baby graduates college.

bliss underarmy
I’m at my biggest during these hot summer months. (Lucky me!) Between the heat and the extra pounds I’m carrying, sweat is pretty much a given, but this minty anti-perspirant keeps me dry and cool as a cucumber.

bliss blood orange+white pepper scrub
I chose this purely for the ‘spoil myself’ factor. While scrubbing away with this heaven-scented stuff, I can forget—even for just five minutes—about the momentous task at hand. A must for moms-to-be who are long ‘overdue’ for some me-time.

ted gibson individual color shampoo and conditioner
Dyeing hair during pregnancy is one of those ‘better safe than sorry’ areas that no one will give the definitive green light. Try washing with these formulas instead, which can prolong a treated tint or just bring out your natural color.

spanx bra-llelujah! full coverage front closure bra
You may be delighted with your newly voluptuous bust, but without a comfy bra, those suckers are going to feel like two sacks of potatoes. This wide-strap bra offers ample support, and its hosiery-like fabric stretches to grow with you.

My final recommendation? Try some tummy-friendly tension taming in-spa with our great expectations massage. I haven’t had it yet, but since I’m well past my first trimester (when it’s off-limits) and feeling those pregnancy aches and pains more than ever, I just might have to treat myself. I hear it leaves you feeling ‘reborn’.


*Again, I’m no doctor—so please consult with yours if you have questions about using any of the products above.

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One Response to primping picks for the pregnant set: part two

  1. thebeautycabana says:

    Thank you so much for this list! I’m 32 weeks pregnant with #1 and “me time” is already on the back burner.

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