poll: what’s the best body butter scent?

Like the iPod to Apple, the Big Mac to McDonald’s or the Beetle to Volkswagen, Body Butter is the one thing that comes to most people’s minds when you mention Bliss. Launched a decade ago in the iconic lemon+sage scent, it’s been a top-seller ever since (and taken about a billion shins from lizard-like to luscious).

The rich, skin-softening formula inspires serious ‘dew’-votion among Bliss fans—sometimes to a scary degree. Once, a friend who forgot to re-order was reduced to such moisturization withdrawal, I found her on her bathroom floor trying to cut into the tube with an X-Acto knife just to salvage the last few smears. (Do NOT try that at home. Luckily, I brought her back from the brink of ‘skin’-sanity with a travel-sized tube I happened to have in my bag.) The point I’m trying to make is: people are crazy about the stuff.

So in honor of our famous formula’s 10th birthday, we’d like to ask you:

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