‘gorilla’ marketing is about to hit NYC!

I’m not going to beat around the ‘bush’: being overly hairy during skimpy season is NOT pretty. So here at Bliss, home of painless-as-possible waxing and highly acclaimed hair removal products, we’ve decided to launch a full-on protest against unwanted fuzz. And who better to deliver the message that hairy is scary than a team of bikini-wearing gorillas?

That’s right: next Wednesday and Thursday (8/5 and 8/6), we’re letting a team of gorillas loose on the streets of Manhattan. (Well, they’ll actually be people in gorilla suits—we don’t want to be responsible for any attacks on banana-selling street vendors.) Hitting spots like Sephora in Times Square and Crunch gym on Lafayette Street, the bikini-clad beasts will be protesting against fur—not in the overzealous-red-paint-throwing-animal-activist way, but in the no-one-needs-to-see-the-overgrown-jungle-sticking-out-from-your-bikini-bottom way.

They’ll also be handing out special offers for 20% off signature brazilian bikini waxes at our spas, and 20% off fuzz-fighting and body-toning bestsellers in-spa and online. So if you’re in NYC, keep an eye out for our ‘gorilla’ marketing team and don’t miss the chance to de-fuzz ‘fur’ less. And stay tuned for a video documenting all the monkey business. (Yeah, I said it.)

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3 Responses to ‘gorilla’ marketing is about to hit NYC!

  1. LOL I love it! What a great idea. That is sure to draw some attention. I hope you’ve drawn up a press release and send it to the local media outlets.

  2. Oh yes—the press has been informed and is already going ‘wild’ about it! Here are just a couple of sites that have blogged about it:


  3. jeffbo says:

    Thank you! just what I need to read right now…

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