want a personal shopping ‘spa’-ssistant?

Here’s the thing: even though most guys act like they’re total ‘Tim The Tool Men’, I have a sneaking suspicion that when they walk through the cavernous aisles of Home Depot, they feel totally overwhelmed by the vast array of nail guns and drills laid before them. (Totally excited, yes—but also totally overwhelmed.)

When it comes to choosing the ‘tools’ to make ourselves look glam, any girl who’s ever browsed a beauty boutique has probably experienced the same feeling while staring down a wall of serums, baffled by the bevy of brands and benefits to choose from. But the difference between us and our Y-chromosomed counterparts is, we’re not afraid to ask.

Starting on August 4, you’ll get to do just that in our spas. Every Tuesday night, from 5-7pm, we’ll have our top technicians (from facialists to waxers) stationed on the floor of our spa stores, giving one-on-one shopping advice. So if you’re perplexed by peptide complexes and azelaic acids, want to know which foot file is most befitting or are just wondering whether you’re more of a Z. Bigatti or Zelens kind of gal, our expert techs will be there to answer any question you throw at them. And remember, they’ve been doing this stuff for years, so they can talk eye creams with their eyes closed. (Where else do you get that kind of personalized ‘spa’-ttention?)

So if you’re near one of our spas, get the full schedule of which techs will be there when and start that list of questions. Now ‘shop’ to it!

Miss Bliss

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