‘gorilla’ marketing is in full swing!

As you may already know if you’ve been am-‘bush’-ed by them, our fuzz-protesting ‘gorilla’ marketing team took over the streets of New York City all day yesterday. They hit our Soho spa, Crunch Gym, and even attacked HQ (one poor staffer was unlucky enough to be biting into a freshly peeled banana when they arrived…)

The fun continues today, as the team stormed Sephora in Times Square this morning, and plans to picket their way through Union Square this afternoon. But it hasn’t just been about watching passersby do eye-popping double takes at the sight of bikini-clad gorillas (although that has been fun)—it’s been about protesting unwanted body hair, and handing out offer cards for 20% off signature brazilian bikini waxes at our spas, and 20% off fuzz-fighting and body-toning bestsellers in-spa and online. (If you didn’t run into the team or aren’t in the NYC area, you can still take advantage of the savings here.)

Below is a snapshot of the team during yesterday’s adventures in the ‘concrete jungle’—but that’s just a taste of what’s to come. Stay tuned for a video documenting all the monkey business, soon to hit the web!

the 'gorilla' marketing street team!

the 'gorilla' marketing street team!

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2 Responses to ‘gorilla’ marketing is in full swing!

  1. LOL I’m so glad you posted some pics. That’s too funny!

  2. evelyn alessi says:

    Had a close encounter with the gorilla marketing team…lets just say it was a hairy experience!!!!Waiting for video on the web!!!

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