why my mom loves the youth as we know it

One of the perks I get from working in this industry is free beauty loot. Naturally, I can only slather so many serums onto my skin before I don’t even know which one is doing what. So where does my stash of surplus stuff usually go? That’s right: my mom. Of course she loves being a guinea pig in the name of glam—it’s like Christmas every time I show up with a bag of the latest cleansers and creams. (Does that make me Santa? I’ll take it, sans the red suit and milk-and-cookies belly.)

My favorite part about giving her products is hearing her reviews. Working with this stuff all the time can leave you a bit jaded, and hearing a real person rave about a product really reminds you of why you do this in the first place. My favorite things to ‘test’ on her are anti-aging items. After all, she’s a better judge of their efficacy than I am being that she’s a few years older than me. (Just a few, mom.) BLISS-260

When I first gave her a jar of the youth as we know it moisture cream—our August product of the month—she was skeptical. Let’s be honest: not every formula I’ve foisted upon her has been a winner. But once I explained the idea behind it—that it’s a one-stop shop for everything you’d ever want in an anti-aging moisturizer—she was sold. Like most people, she gets confused by all the different moisturizer options: this one firms, this one lessens lines, this one brightens, this one does your laundry… you get the idea. So she loved the fact that she could have it all in a single jar.

After using it, she called me up raving. She said she could actually feel it working when she massaged it on, and she loved the way it made her skin look. (I can verify—she looks a lot younger than her years.) She was even crazy about its texture and fragrance. And the true test of her devotion? She’s tried some other moisturizers since she started using the youth, and she always, always goes back to it. It’s her ‘desert island dew’, if you will.

Let me just tell you: my mom knows what she’s talking about, and she keeps it real. It’s kind of what’s she’s known for. When she tells you to try a beauty product, you listen. So take her advice and try the youth as we know it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself saying, “How is she always right about everything?”


Miss Bliss

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