do you believe in the ‘youth’ fairy?

When I was a kid, my brother and I wanted to know once and for all if the tooth fairy was real, so we devised a plan. The next time he lost a tooth, he’d put it under his pillow with a very fine string tied around it. The other end of the string would be tied to his finger, so when the tooth fairy pulled that chomper from under his pillow, he’d feel a tug, wake up, and be face to face with the pearly-white-loving sprite. When the big night came, we set it all up and were ready to go—but he chickened out at the last minute and ditched the string. Magically, he still woke up the next morning with some cash under his pillow.

Now that we’re older, most of us would still be excited to wake up a few dollars richer—but we’re willing to bet you’d be just as stoked to wake up looking a few years younger. All it takes is a visit from the ‘youth’ fairy. Starting today, she’ll give you a free travel-sized the youth as we know it moisture cream ($24 value) when you buy the full-sized cream (while supplies last). You can take advantage of her generosity online, or at one of our spas.*

Hey, if you’ve lost your ‘youth’, I think discovering more wrinkle-free skin beats discovering a few bucks under your pillow any day. (And I’ll vouch for the fact that the ‘youth’ fairy is real—no scary string trick necessary.)

Miss Bliss


*We’re sorry, but the ‘youth’ fairy won’t be visiting Bliss Ft. Lauderdale and Bliss Atlanta – Downtown.

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2 Responses to do you believe in the ‘youth’ fairy?

  1. Farhan says:

    I am so excited to read your post great information.

  2. Hi Rossana – Unfortunately, after a brief deployment, deodorizing ‘solider’ Underarmy is now officially off-duty. He’s resting here at the moment. But you should also check out Acorelle’s deodorant – it not only keeps underarms fresh, it minimizes hair regrowth!

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