spa like a star

From the MTV VMAs to the Emmys, we’re on total awards show overload. (And we might lose it if we see one more headline about the Kanye debacle.)

The one thing these star-studded events always remind us of is how fabulous the A-list looks, even in HD. Of course, they’ve got glam squads fussing over every stray hair or wayward bra strap, and mere mortals such as ourselves cannot be held to the same standards. Still, there are ways you can spoil yourself like a celeb—like a visit to one of our spas. (After all, just because you’re not prepping for a red carpet stroll doesn’t mean you don’t have an excuse to look full-on fabulous.) Check out some of the treatments awards show attendees have been known to indulge in before the big event:

the youth as we know it facial
Stars always manage to look at least five years less than their real age, and you can pull off the same time-shaving trick with this youth-inducing treatment. Its wrinkle-reversing effects extend all the way down to your décolleté, so it’s perfect before donning a plunging neckline.

the triple oxygen treatment
Hours of partying. Red-eye flights. Cocktails galore. And yet celebs still manage to look more fresh-faced than fatigued. One of their secrets? This complexion-reviving facial, which energizes and brightens sapped skin to leave it positively glowing.

the hangover herbie
You don’t attend a martini-laden after-party until 3am and wake up feeling or looking ready for a cover shoot. But we can help you make the most of the morning after with this face- and body-pampering combo, which livens up a post-soiree skin and soothes bash-battered muscles without any overly intense poking, prodding or pummeling.

Ready to give yourself the star treatment with one of these celeb-approved services? Call 877 TO BLISS or set up a spa stop online. (Just promise you’ll remember to thank us when you get to the podium.)

Miss Bliss

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  1. Everytime I go in a spa I only want facial and body scrub.. that’s it, nothing else:)

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