staffer rave: laboratoire remède translucent uv coat (plus, get one free!)

We all have that one beauty product we’d buy vats of if we could (now, where some of us would store those vats in our tiny apartments is another story, but we don’t worry about details like that in fantasy world). In the case of our Spa Brand Manager Gillian, that product is laboratoire remède’s translucent uv coat.

Since she worships the featherweight SPF formula (I hear she has some sort of shrine to it in her bathroom, but that could just be a rumor), I asked her to elaborate on her love for it—and did she ever. Here’s what she had to say:

check out that spiffy new packaging!

check out that spiffy new packaging!

“I’ve been using translucent uv coat for seven years. I love it because I’m not a foundation wearer, but it gives me a little coverage and just really evens out the tone of my skin. I don’t end up too shiny or matte, and it doesn’t clash with bronzer or powder if I add those to the mix. What makes it so special is that it’s not a heavy moisturizer—you can get light coverage/color and UV protection and still use your favorite moisturizer underneath. I love that it has SPF 30 so I can use it over a non-SPF moisturizer without feeling guilty.

I turned my friend onto it who has amazing, smooth, fair skin, and I can tell when she has it on—her skin just looks like porcelain perfection. Maybe it’s the soft-focusing powders. Now, of course she’s addicted too.”

Gillian could go on about it all day (believe me when I tell you that was just a snippet of the praise she lavished on this product). And after reading that, I bet you’re just a little bit curious to try it yourself if you haven’t already. Well, lucky you—there’s a way for you to try it free with this special spa offer:

Get a free translucent UV coat with any Laboratoire Remède purchase and/or Alchemy Facial through October 15.* (Shade availability may vary by location.)**

Now go get yours and make Gillian proud!


Miss Bliss

*Sorry, but this offer isn’t available at Bliss Ft. Lauderdale, Washington D.C. or Atlanta – Downtown.
**You’ll receive the original UV Coat packaging and formula with this offer, but keep in mind for future purchases that Laboratoire Remède has recently made some changes: the UV Coat bottle has a fresh new look, and the shades are now slightly darker, so longtime wearers should test before buying if possible.

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