big ‘primpin’

Ah, Fall. The crisp weather. The cozy fashion. The new Bliss catalog (which you can sign up for here). Don’t you just love the amped-up energy that makes everything feel so exciting and new? (Or wait. Was that The Love Boat?) No matter. All I’m saying is that people have been abuzz about so many things lately. And, of course, the people that Miss Bliss rolls with have all been buzzing about–what else?–our favorite tension-taming, skin-smoothing, better-bodifying treatments! Here’s a primer in some of our most sought after:

The Youth As We Know It Facial
Miss Bliss has a beauty editor friend at a schmancy magazine who swears by this fine-line-fixing, age-attacking, glow-getting facial. So effective (yet gentle enough for this pretty pal’s delicate flower of a face) is this regenerating treatment , that she got asked to a fraternity mixer buy a cute coed at her college homecoming game. (Reader, said friend has been an alumnus since ’93!) That is truly a victory for the ‘ages’. My favorite thing about this facial is that you can leave looking fountain-of-youth fabulous immediately. (No red, blotchy downtime to consider because extractions are totally optional.) And, you get your mug massaged with a mushroom enzyme peel that gives you a lit-from-within radiance.

Triple oxygen treatment
Since this is our most popular peau-prettifying pick, you know it must be a true crowd pleaser! A celeb-fave, this complexion perfecter includes a power cleansing, serious skin-sloughing, expert-esthetician extractions, an oxygen and milk mask that will seriously transport you to another relaxation realm (not to mention leave your skin looking luminous), and a major moisturizing pack plus bright-boosting oxygen spray. This has become Miss Bliss’ requisite go-to gift for all her bride-to-be buddies; it’s super for all skin types and guarantees a wedding-day glow.

Brazilian bikini wax
While I could sum this up by telling you that you’ll be saying “WOW” instead of “OWW!”, I think this Bliss customer says it best: “My only option when it comes to getting waxed. By far the best and pain-less…worth every dime.”
(– Tiffany, Bronx, NY). We agree, sister, we agree! Thanks to our special skin-saving wax, our experts’ gentle touch, and other Bliss-particular practices this wax will truly make you a believer in fearless fuzz busting.

Blissage 75
If ever there were a one-size-fits-all treatment, this would be it. The level of complete and utter calm you feel will melt your muscles and boggle your mind. We dare you not to fall asleep! Zoning in on your most overworked muscles, this 75-minute warming rubdown will make you feel like your reset button has been pressed. Head-clearing, skin-silkifying, and stress-soothing, this is the ultimate escape.

Hot milk & almond pedicure
This 60-minute ‘sole’-saving pedi is such a ‘feat’ that it will earn a regular spot in your appointment calendar. After your tootsies are tenderized in a steamed whole milk and almond oil bath, they’re scrubbed within an inch of their lives, and then painted in the hue of your hankering. In fact, Miss Bliss and two of her friends ran the Chicago Marathon this year (in the freezing cold), and our most powerful motivation was not a medal, not seeing our loved ones at the finish, not even the bragging rights. Nope, it was the knowledge that we had the next morning’s first appointment for the Hot Milk and Almond Pedicure.
True story.

Try one, try all. You won’t be disappointed. And, if you already have a fave, won’t you please divulge? We’d love to know what makes you say, “spaaaahhh”.

Bliss on!

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2 Responses to big ‘primpin’

  1. injectables says:

    Hot milk and almond pedicure has anyone experience with this?

  2. Sergio Davis says:

    This is excellent! How did you learn this stuff?

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