a star is born: the story behind our new triple oxygen cream

Product geeks like myself always find it so interesting to find out the stories behind my favorite formulas. For example, I always thought it was so cool how the outdoorsy rosemary and eucalyptus scent of our hot salt scrub was inspired by the herb garden of our product development guru’s mom.

The inspiration behind our brand new triple oxygen+c energizing cream actually comes from that same product development diva, Damiana. She told me that she was influenced by the way skin looks after you step out of the shower. “I wanted to translate that perfectly rosy and hydrated complexion into the product,” says Dam. “After using this cream, your skin looks and feels clean and fresh, and glows with vitality.”

Seriously, do the shower test yourself—next time you step out, take a gander in the mirror while you’re still dripping. You’ll see how your face looks decidedly dewy, with an envy-inducing sheen. THAT, my friends, is what Damiana decided to put in a jar when she came up with the new triple oxygen cream. (She also decided to throw in a special form of brightening vitamin C that’s more easily absorbed into skin for good measure. That’s why we love her.)

Of course, if you’re already a fan of our in-spa triple oxygen treatment and our now-famous triple oxygen instant energizing mask and eye mask, you probably won’t need much convincing that this latest entry in the skin-reviving Triple O2 collection is a ‘cream’ come true. But whether you’re a convert or a newbie, it’ll deliver a glow that will have you at hello.

‘Skin’-cerely yours,

Miss Bliss

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