NYC, Hoboken + DC: brave the snow and get 25% off spa treatments!

If you live in New York, New Jersey or DC, you know that right now, it is nasty out there. The conditions are so blizzard-like that even the prospect of donning your cutest pair of snow boots can barely give it a silver lining.

In fact, the weather is so bad, that our spas have been getting appointment cancellations left and right. (These people call themselves beauty devotees and they wont’ even brave a blizzard for a brow wax? Hmph!)

So, to try and fill in the scheduling holes left by these less-intrepid spa-goers, we’re offering 25% off any facial, massage or body treatment at spas in these three snow-covered cities—TODAY ONLY.

If you’re the type who scoffs at storms and could use some in-spa sprucing, book now (or call 877 TO BLISS). It’s not every day you’ll get a deal like this, so don your warmest gear and boldly ‘glow’ where our less-gutsy glam-lovers feared to tread!

And hey—be careful out there.

Miss Bliss

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