this valentine’s day, make her feel warm…and not fuzzy

Us girls may look excited when our guys present us with a box of chocolates or a skimpy bra and panties—but we’re really thinking, “UGH. Hand me my fatgirlslim.”

So, with the lovefest just two days away, we’ve got a better Valentine’s gift idea for all you procrastinating men out there: forget the standard stuffed animal and give your girl a better kind of ‘bare’ with a gift card for a brazilian bikini wax at one of our spas.

I mean, it’s a ‘skin’-win situation: she’ll be impressed that you knew enough to send her to the friendliest, most pain-free destination for below-the-belt ‘groom’ service on the planet, and…well, we think the benefits for you are pretty obvious. (Maybe she’ll even sport that skimpy lingerie after all.)

Of course, she can put the gift card towards any other service, too—like a glow-getting facial. (Although, she’ll light up so brightly when she sees that gift card, she may not even need it.)

So when it comes to Valentine’s gift giving, keep it simple, ‘Cupid’: pick up a Bliss gift card or e-card online or at any of our spas. The only thing left for me to say? You’re welcome.

Hugs + ‘blisses’,

Miss Bliss

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2 Responses to this valentine’s day, make her feel warm…and not fuzzy

  1. LOL You guys have some of the best and most creative writing. Love it!

  2. I like this, though it may not apply to all girls out there. Though I would agree that it has to be creative and not the typical teddy bear-flower gift.

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