it’s a (paraben) free-for-all!

We know you’re all as excited as we are about the launch of our new paraben free body butters (they’re rich, creamy and guilt-free—sort of like that bowl of fettucine alfredo in your dreams). Not only have we plucked the parabens from our famous potions, we’ve also lowered the price by seven dollars*. (You can spend that extra money on something nice for yourself—a couple of caramel macchiatos, or a few iPhone apps, perhaps). And butter buffs, take heart: We haven’t tinkered with anything else in the recipe—it’s the same maximum moisture formula you’ve always ‘rubbed’.

But let’s rewind a minute, and remind ourselves why being paraben free is so important in the first place. Parabens are preservatives used to prolong the shelf life of a plethora of products. In recent years, it’s practically become a swear word in beauty industry circles, due to some studies that suggest long-term exposure to the chemicals can lead to cancer, along with other unsavory effects.

After the initial hoopla, it’s been suggested that they may not be as dangerous as originally imagined, and the FDA is still looking at the data. But we believe in erring on the side of caution—after all, our products are all about making you feel good, and how can you do that when there’s a little voice in the back of your head wondering whether all the butter you’re slathering on is going to come back to bite you?

So with that in mind, our goal is to remove parabens from all of our products by the end of 2011. But for now, a bunch of our formulas (in addition to the body butters) are already free of the controversial little buggers. Here’s the full list:

poetic waxing at-home hair removal kit
ingrown eliminating pads
problem salved
blood orange+white pepper bath+shower gel
blood orange+white pepper soapy suds
lemon+sage soapy suds
vanilla+bergamot soapy suds
fabulous foaming body wash
blood orange+white pepper sugar scrub
lemon+sage body butter lite
naked body butter lite
fatgirlsleep (in the US)
serious seaweed cellulite soap
mammoth minty scrub soap
the youth as we know it eye cream
the youth as we know it cleanser
the youth as we know it concentrate
steep clean pore purifying mask
steep clean deep pore cleanser
peeling groovy
best of skintentions (in the US)

Pretty impressive, no? So go ahead and get worry-free gorgeous, because at Bliss, we want to make sure you’re safe, sound… and absolutely stunning.


Miss Bliss

*Tube is now 1.8 oz smaller.

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