it’s ‘wax’ season: introducing new microwaveable wax!

Yep, it’s that time of year again—no, we’re not talking about gathering your W-2 forms and calling your accountant. We’re talking about that time when the weather gets gradually warmer, and the clothes get gradually skimpier until summer arrives and we simply can’t bypass the beach any longer.

And this year, we’ve got a major ‘wax’ incentive for you: our perennially popular poetic wax is now microwaveable! Hey, I’ll admit it: as wonderful as our wax is, the old method of warming it on the stovetop was… well, kind of a ‘hot mess’. I have a few friends who refused to even try it simply because they didn’t want to spend any more time ‘cooking’ over a flame. Plus, DIY waxing is challenging enough without the painstaking prep.

talk about microwave 'lovin'!

So we’ve tossed the old ceramic mug and replaced it with a super-convenient plastic cup—so now you can zap your wax like a frozen dinner. But relax: we’d never axe the formula of our original wax. It’s still the same painless-as-possible, stubble-shrink-wrapping stripless stuff used in our spas and our at-home kit for years.

So kiss your old ‘flame’ goodbye and say hello to the ‘wave’ of the future with our brand-‘nuke’ microwaveable wax. (Now, you’ve got no excuses for ‘wax’ evasion.)


Miss Bliss

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