still a bikini wax virgin? let us be your first and save 20%!

We get it: a bikini wax is not something you enter into lightly. It’s a very personal affair, and you wouldn’t just let anyone go ‘down there’. But if you’ve been saving yourself, now’s the perfect time to ‘give it up’—and we want you to come to Bliss for your first time. (We promise, you won’t regret it.)

Why should you allow yourself to be ‘de-fuzzed’ at one of our spas? Well, for starters, you’ll save 20% on your first Bikini Wax (Basic, Betweeny™ or Brazilian) for the entire month of April. (No cheating, waxing veterans—we’re checking records to make sure only first-timers get the discount!)

Plus, we swear we’ll be gentle with you. Our stripless wax is renowned in hair removal circles for being as painless as possible. Plus, we won’t try anything ‘dirty’ (ahem), because we’re practically OCD about hygiene during our services. And if you’re just nervous about having a stranger around your lady parts, don’t worry: our waxing techs have seen it all. They’ll make you feel totally comfortable, and to them, it’s just another day on the job. (Plus, you’ll get a pair of disposable undies. They’re not exactly full-coverage, but they do the trick.) Still want more depilatory deets? Check out our waxing FAQs.

And if all that isn’t enough to convince you to ‘go all the way’, consider the fact that bikini season is inching closer every day. Do it for the good of your fellow beach-goers—no one wants to get an eyeful of errant fuzz, and you certainly don’t want to be sporting it.

If we simply can’t talk you into taking it off in-spa, you also have the option of using our new and improved poetic waxing at-home hair removal kit, now with a microwaveable cup. It’s great for DIY touch-ups, but if you’re considering going fully bare down there, take it from us: leave that to the professionals, or you’ll be mad at yourself in the morning.

So book your first bikini wax and save a few bucks. Hey, think of it this way: you never forget your first, so why not do it with someone you can totally trust?

Happy waxing!

Miss Bliss

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