why a bliss gift card is the ‘mother’ of all gifts

Mom always told you to plan ahead—but if you still haven’t gotten her a Mother’s Day gift, you haven’t really heeded her advice. But before I tell you why a Bliss gift card is the perfect pick (especially for procrastinators), I’m going to tell you why the usual predictable presents aren’t.

Let’s start with flowers: hello, ho-hum! I mean, sure, they’re pretty, and no one’s going to bemoan a bouquet of blooms—but do they show imagination or more than a minute’s thought? Nope. Plus, they wither and die (I’m just saying).

What about clothes and jewelry? Those are a little more creative, but let’s be real: does anyone know your mom’s style better than she does? The chances that you’ll pick something she loves (and that fits her) are slim. At best, you’re probably facing a pasted smile when she gets a load of that trendy top, and an inquiry as to whether you got a gift receipt.

Next on the chopping block: cookware. Look, your mom might be a regular Julia Child, but giving her a panini press is just another way of saying, “Mom, go make me a sandwich.” Does she really need to spend even more time slaving in the kitchen?

I could go on—but instead, I’ll tell you why a Bliss gift card beats all of those ‘blah’ ideas. First, it’s a guaranteed pleaser—just try and find a woman who would say no to a spa treatment or beauty product. Second, she gets options—she can redeem it on a spa service (or one of our pre-picked packages), or buy products from our catalog, blissworld.com or in-spa stores. Third, you’re giving her a gift she really deserves: me-time. Unlike that panini press, this gift lets her sit back and relax, whether it’s during a muscle-melting massage or a five-minute at-home mask.

Oh, and one more plus: it’s easy-peasy for you—all you have to choose is the amount. And it lets you last-minute givers breathe a sigh of relief, because even if you don’t have the chance to stop at one of our spas to pick up the plastic version, you can have an e-card sent to mom’s inbox instantly (hey, at least half the moms out there are web-savvy by now).

So there you have it: a Bliss gift card truly is the ‘mother’ of all gifts. Does the woman who wiped your nose clean for all those years deserve anything less?

Miss Bliss

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