ready, ‘pedi’, go!

Allow me to ‘paint’ a picture: Spring arrives. That first freakishly warm day pops up in the forecast. You tentatively pull your sandals out of storage, but hesitate when you take stock of your sorely neglected soles, chastising yourself for letting those calluses build up and slacking on regular polishings. (But it was just so easy to hide those Franken-feet under winter boots!) You decide to bite the bullet and bravely book that first pedicure, bracing yourself for the disdainful looks the nail tech will surely cast your way upon evaluating your hardened heels…

Let me stop right there, because the nail techs at Bliss would NEVER look disdainfully at anyone. They’ve seen it all, and besides—why would you be coming in for a pedi if your feet were already perfect? Whether or not you’ve bared your ‘soles’ yet this season, few things make you feel more instantly put together than a fresh pedicure—and our spas have some of the most over-the-top tootsie treatments in town.

Feel like channeling your inner Jimmy Buffet? Try our tantalizingly tropical ‘pedi’ colada. With a pineapple and coconut-infused soaking and scrubbing and hot seashell massage, it’s total pedi-paradise. Plus, you get to guzzle a piña colada while you get groomed (the virgin kind, don’t get TOO excited).

Or, if you’re a big fan of our blood orange+white pepper bath products (and who isn’t?), try the citrus-centric head over ‘peels’ pedicure, which includes a soak and scrub with the aforementioned products. Those who have tried it firsthand (or first-foot?) say it’s total juicy goodness.

Feel like your scraggly soles are in need of more renovations than a home on HGTV? Try our foot patrol pedicure, a ‘take no prisoners’ pedi that kicks calluses to the curb and leaves your soles baby-smooth.

And if you’re looking for real rockstar toes, try our ‘toe’-tally trendy ‘minx’ coat pedicure, a celeb favorite. There’s no polish involved: our techs adhere flexible coverings to your nails, and you can choose from a plethora of playful patterns (everything from pink cheetah to gold with black fishnet, I kid you not). Trust me, it’s a killer look on a big night out—everyone will be talking about your toes.

It doesn’t end there: there’s the mint-infused cold feet pedicure for depuffing swollen feet (feels fab in hot weather), our signature hot milk and almond pedicure for total sole-softening indulgence, or the always dependable basic pedicure for no-frills types. And don’t forget wintertime favorites the double choc pedicure (with a cup of hot cocoa) and the hot foot (with hot stones and sea salt). Seriously, when it comes to pedicures, our spas offer the ‘sole’ she-bang—so go ahead and book the foot-pampering treatment you fancy. I know I just convinced myself to do it.

And just for fun, a quick poll:

Happy foot-flaunting!

Miss Bliss

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