kick off your summer with a boatload of bliss freebies!

Hallelujah! It’s Memorial Day weekend, the official start to summer (even though it already feels like we’re in the thick of it with the steamy weather we’ve been having). We know you’ve all got big plans for your 3.5 days of freedom, whether you’re braving the beach traffic, hitting up a few BBQs, or just doing absolutely nothing (something we wholeheartedly endorse).

However, we’d like to suggest adding one more activity to your weekend: snagging a free summer kick-off kit packed with $103 worth of Bliss goodies! For the rest of the holiday weekend (that’s right, we just extended the expiration date), you’ll get this gift bag free with any order of $75 or more (and with all the amazing summer beauty stuff we’ve got, we don’t think it will be very hard for your order to qualify).

here’s what you get in your gift bag:

• A full-sized tube of problem salved, to soothe everything from sunburn to mosquito bites.
• A deluxe sample of clog-dissolving cleansing milk, the perfect wash to switch to during summer’s pore-plugging weather.
• A full-sized tube of get out of hair, to delay hair re-growth between shaves and waxes (see ya, stubble!)
• A deluxe sample of lid+lash wash, to soothe those peepers and gently remove eye makeup – even the waterproof kind.
• A deluxe sample of daily detoxifying facial toner, a hydrating, water-based toner that is SO seriously refreshing after a hot day.
• A deluxe sample of the youth as we know it concentrate, which is not only a skin-luminizing anti-aging treatment, but also doubles as a lightweight moisturizer during warm weather when you don’t want something too rich.
• A deluxe sample of triple oxygen instant energizing mask, to brighten your skin in five minutes and sport that coveted summer glow.

That’s a tempting list of goodies, am I right? And we know you’re in the mood to relax, but you’ve got to act fast, because this offer is only around until Tuesday, June 1. So start shopping, place your order and enter code SUMMER in your shopping bag, then kick back and wait for your ‘glam’-packed gift bag to arrive.

Happy summer, everyone!

Miss Bliss

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One Response to kick off your summer with a boatload of bliss freebies!

  1. Jenny says:

    Just shopped! I was BUMMED because I was never prompted to enter the SUMMER code. Blissfully, your customer service peeps came to the rescue, and added this kit to my order. My skin can’t wait! Thank you!

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