good vibrations: the secret behind ‘pore’-fector gadget

Have you ‘heard’ about new ‘pore’-fector gadget, Bliss’ very first skincare device? In a nutshell, it uses sonic wave technology to give your pores a deep clean that’s on par with—we kid you not—the one you’d get from one of our expert estheticians (who absolutely love the thing, aside from worrying about whether it’ll put them out of business).

I realize the skeptic in you is probably wondering exactly how sonic vibrations can clean your pores. I mean, I’ll admit: it DOES sound a little far-fetched. But our education guru Donna (check her out in this how-to video) described it to me by using a really cool analogy that totally makes sense out of the science—and I wanted to share it with you.

Basically, she explains that sound waves move, which you know if you’ve ever been front row at a concert and seen the speakers actually pounding, or been in a nightclub and felt the beat shaking beneath your feet. That is sound in action, my friends.

Donna clarified it further with this great story, which totally gave me an “a-ha!” moment. See, her husband is a musician, and when he had his first band at the age of 13, his parents were kind enough to allow the foursome to rehearse in their basement. Needless to say, their rehearsals were LOUD—we’re talking three teenaged guitar players and a drummer, rocking out full-force. (Those are some seriously cool parents.)

Here’s the thing, though: the basement was directly underneath a gorgeous inlaid tile entryway, and after less than two months of the band rocking out below it, the tiles had actually become loosened from the grout by all of those sound waves. (Bet those parents were slightly less cool after they made that discovery.)

The ‘pore’-fector gadget’s sonic waves do the same thing, only much more gently. Think of the accumulated dirt, impurities, oil and dead skin cells on your complexion as the tiles, and the ‘Pore’-fector as the band—the device’s sonic power vibrates and ‘moves’ the skin’s surface to loosen up all that pore-clogging, skin-dulling gunk so it can be easily lifted and eliminated. (This also helps create pathways for better penetration of other skincare you apply).

After hearing Donna’s explanation, the power of ‘pore’-fector gadget doesn’t sound so hard to believe, does it? I know it was enough to convince me that it totally ‘rocks’.


Miss Bliss

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One Response to good vibrations: the secret behind ‘pore’-fector gadget

  1. Heather says:

    Hi, I just bought this gadget over the weekend. I’ve used it for 3 days now, twice a day. My husband is already saying how much less “inflamed” and “irritated” my skin looks and that my skin is becoming a more even tone. I’ve noticed how incredibly soft this makes my face feel after I use it to help apply moisturizer. So, it hasn’t been too long yet, but I’m already pretty happy with my purchase!!

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