poll: what kind of beauty are you bananas for?

At Bliss, we’re equal opportunity beauty junkies—from skincare to bodycare to hair care to shapewear, we’re all over it (and, um, if it’s something that can be slathered, it’s all over us).

But even though we’re gaga over everything glam-centric, we know you probably have primping preferences and cosmetic concerns that fall into certain categories above all else. Maybe you’re really wrapped up in removing your wrinkles. You could be totally devoted to detonating those cellulite-induced dimples. Perhaps you’re smitten with scented scrubs of every sort. You might fancy fitness footwear, be wild about waxing, salivate over supplements or be mad about makeup. Or, it’s possible you’re just like us and are preoccupied with all kinds of preening, period.

While we strive to bring you every ‘breed’ of beauty at Bliss, we’d love to know the top types that make you tick (so we can deliver more of those picks). So fill us in:

Thanks for participating, and helping us make Bliss even better.

Miss Bliss

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