oh, say can you see… why spf is so important this weekend?

Treasured readers, I want to make sure you have a safe Independence Day weekend. To some, Fourth of July safety might mean not blowing off any extremities while playing with fireworks. But to me, it means making sure you use sun protection—because you’re bound to be outside on this beach- and BBQ-filled holiday.

Look, I get it: no matter how much we go on about how important it is to wear sunscreen, it’s always going to feel like a chore (like when your mom used to constantly badger you to ‘bring a sweater’). But one thing that makes slathering on the SPF a little more fun? When it’s part a really fabulous skincare formula. That’s why I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite skin-protecting picks. Each of these broad-spectrum blocks has a beauty bonus to make it so much more enticing to apply than your average ho-hum sunscreen. Load up on these babies to make sure your ‘red, white and blue’ celebration is a little less heavy on the red:

bliss best of skintentions spf 15

Beauty bonus: It nourishes skin with vitamins, minerals and omegas, and illuminates.

laboratoire remède uv coat spf 30
Beauty bonus: It’s a slightly tinted foundation that feels feather-light.

la mer the spf 30 uv protecting fluid
Beauty bonus: It helps prevent skin discoloration and unevenness.

3LAB perfect sunscreen spf 55
Beauty bonus: It has antioxidant green tea and acai berry for environmental protection.

rodial skinny beach spf 15 tinted
Beauty bonus: It firms, lifts and tones while delivering an instant bronze tint.

colorescience suncanny spf 20 bronzer brush
Beauty bonus: It supplies a sunless tan in seconds and is super-easy to dust on.

clarins uv plus day screen spf 40
Beauty bonus: Its Expertise 3P Anti-Pollution Complex helps shield skin from free radicals and pollution.

skinceuticals sheer physical uv defense spf 50
Beauty bonus: It increases skin’s resistance to UV aggressors, heat stress and DNA damage.

sisley all day all year spf 8
Beauty bonus: It’s a super-luxe anti-aging treatment that reduces lines and wrinkles.

sk-II facial treatment uv protection spf 25
Beauty bonus: It contains SK-II’s signature smoothing, brightening and moisturizing ingredient Pitera.

elemis liquid layer spf 30
Beauty bonus: It moisturizes with jojoba seed oil and coconut oil.

omorovicza complexion enhancer spf 15
Beauty bonus: It’s a tinted foundation that blurs imperfections to make skin look digitally retouched.

Hey, I figure if I’m going to celebrate America The Beautiful, I might as well do my part to keep its residents looking that way. So protect your skin this weekend, and make sure the only thing getting burned are those hot dogs on the grill (because unlike your skin, those can actually be good a little crispy).


Miss Bliss

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One Response to oh, say can you see… why spf is so important this weekend?

  1. Samantha says:

    I have personally used the Skinceuticals spf 50 and love it! I own a spa Austin Texas called Blossom Spa Boutique. Although I do not use Skinceuticals anymore, I spent years professionally with the line. Most of the skin I treat is sun damaged, so be sure to put on sunscreen!

    Samantha – Blossom Spa Boutique
    Facial | Massage | Waxing

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