why a bliss gift card is the ‘mother’ of all gifts

Mom always told you to plan ahead—but if you still haven’t gotten her a Mother’s Day gift, you haven’t really heeded her advice. But before I tell you why a Bliss gift card is the perfect pick (especially for procrastinators), I’m going to tell you why the usual predictable presents aren’t.

Let’s start with flowers: hello, ho-hum! I mean, sure, they’re pretty, and no one’s going to bemoan a bouquet of blooms—but do they show imagination or more than a minute’s thought? Nope. Plus, they wither and die (I’m just saying).

What about clothes and jewelry? Those are a little more creative, but let’s be real: does anyone know your mom’s style better than she does? The chances that you’ll pick something she loves (and that fits her) are slim. At best, you’re probably facing a pasted smile when she gets a load of that trendy top, and an inquiry as to whether you got a gift receipt.

Next on the chopping block: cookware. Look, your mom might be a regular Julia Child, but giving her a panini press is just another way of saying, “Mom, go make me a sandwich.” Does she really need to spend even more time slaving in the kitchen?

I could go on—but instead, I’ll tell you why a Bliss gift card beats all of those ‘blah’ ideas. First, it’s a guaranteed pleaser—just try and find a woman who would say no to a spa treatment or beauty product. Second, she gets options—she can redeem it on a spa service (or one of our pre-picked packages), or buy products from our catalog, blissworld.com or in-spa stores. Third, you’re giving her a gift she really deserves: me-time. Unlike that panini press, this gift lets her sit back and relax, whether it’s during a muscle-melting massage or a five-minute at-home mask.

Oh, and one more plus: it’s easy-peasy for you—all you have to choose is the amount. And it lets you last-minute givers breathe a sigh of relief, because even if you don’t have the chance to stop at one of our spas to pick up the plastic version, you can have an e-card sent to mom’s inbox instantly (hey, at least half the moms out there are web-savvy by now).

So there you have it: a Bliss gift card truly is the ‘mother’ of all gifts. Does the woman who wiped your nose clean for all those years deserve anything less?

Miss Bliss

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solve a case of spotted skin in 31 days

It’s no mystery that we’ve always been big on battling blemishes at Bliss. But this, my friends, is truly huge news for spot sufferers everywhere: we’ve just introduced a brand-new bliss acne system: no ‘zit’ sherlock!

Before I get into the ‘how’, I’m going to wow you with some clinical results we’re really jazzed about: it turns out that after using our new No ‘Zit’ Sherlock regimen, 95% of testers saw clearer skin in 31 days*. Those are some pretty impressive odds, no? I mean, your chances of getting a clearer complexion are a lot higher than winning lotto, and I’m sure you know lots of people who have shelled out for a Mega Millions ticket. Check out before and after photos of two of our lucky testers here.

So what’s in these potions that makes them work such magic? Well, aside from a hefty helping of salicylic acid to break up dead cells and oil, the star players here are probiotics. You may have heard of these being used in yogurt and dietary supplements—basically, they’re ‘beneficial’ bacteria similar to those found in your own body. They help boost skin’s natural defenses against acne-causing bacteria, and create a healthier environment. Learn more about the science behind these solutions here.

The regimen consists of three simple products: a cleanser+toner combo, a moisturizer and a serum. And to make life even easier for you—always our top priority—we’ve packed try-sizes of all three into a convenient little box, priced at just $32.

So what do you do when you want to pulverize pimples pronto? It’s elementary, my dear—pick up our new no ‘zit’ sherlock acne system.


Miss Bliss

*Quantitative results reported from independent clinical study. Individual results may vary.

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still a bikini wax virgin? let us be your first and save 20%!

We get it: a bikini wax is not something you enter into lightly. It’s a very personal affair, and you wouldn’t just let anyone go ‘down there’. But if you’ve been saving yourself, now’s the perfect time to ‘give it up’—and we want you to come to Bliss for your first time. (We promise, you won’t regret it.)

Why should you allow yourself to be ‘de-fuzzed’ at one of our spas? Well, for starters, you’ll save 20% on your first Bikini Wax (Basic, Betweeny™ or Brazilian) for the entire month of April. (No cheating, waxing veterans—we’re checking records to make sure only first-timers get the discount!)

Plus, we swear we’ll be gentle with you. Our stripless wax is renowned in hair removal circles for being as painless as possible. Plus, we won’t try anything ‘dirty’ (ahem), because we’re practically OCD about hygiene during our services. And if you’re just nervous about having a stranger around your lady parts, don’t worry: our waxing techs have seen it all. They’ll make you feel totally comfortable, and to them, it’s just another day on the job. (Plus, you’ll get a pair of disposable undies. They’re not exactly full-coverage, but they do the trick.) Still want more depilatory deets? Check out our waxing FAQs.

And if all that isn’t enough to convince you to ‘go all the way’, consider the fact that bikini season is inching closer every day. Do it for the good of your fellow beach-goers—no one wants to get an eyeful of errant fuzz, and you certainly don’t want to be sporting it.

If we simply can’t talk you into taking it off in-spa, you also have the option of using our new and improved poetic waxing at-home hair removal kit, now with a microwaveable cup. It’s great for DIY touch-ups, but if you’re considering going fully bare down there, take it from us: leave that to the professionals, or you’ll be mad at yourself in the morning.

So book your first bikini wax and save a few bucks. Hey, think of it this way: you never forget your first, so why not do it with someone you can totally trust?

Happy waxing!

Miss Bliss

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it’s ‘wax’ season: introducing new microwaveable wax!

Yep, it’s that time of year again—no, we’re not talking about gathering your W-2 forms and calling your accountant. We’re talking about that time when the weather gets gradually warmer, and the clothes get gradually skimpier until summer arrives and we simply can’t bypass the beach any longer.

And this year, we’ve got a major ‘wax’ incentive for you: our perennially popular poetic wax is now microwaveable! Hey, I’ll admit it: as wonderful as our wax is, the old method of warming it on the stovetop was… well, kind of a ‘hot mess’. I have a few friends who refused to even try it simply because they didn’t want to spend any more time ‘cooking’ over a flame. Plus, DIY waxing is challenging enough without the painstaking prep.

talk about microwave 'lovin'!

So we’ve tossed the old ceramic mug and replaced it with a super-convenient plastic cup—so now you can zap your wax like a frozen dinner. But relax: we’d never axe the formula of our original wax. It’s still the same painless-as-possible, stubble-shrink-wrapping stripless stuff used in our spas and our at-home kit for years.

So kiss your old ‘flame’ goodbye and say hello to the ‘wave’ of the future with our brand-‘nuke’ microwaveable wax. (Now, you’ve got no excuses for ‘wax’ evasion.)


Miss Bliss

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it’s a (paraben) free-for-all!

We know you’re all as excited as we are about the launch of our new paraben free body butters (they’re rich, creamy and guilt-free—sort of like that bowl of fettucine alfredo in your dreams). Not only have we plucked the parabens from our famous potions, we’ve also lowered the price by seven dollars*. (You can spend that extra money on something nice for yourself—a couple of caramel macchiatos, or a few iPhone apps, perhaps). And butter buffs, take heart: We haven’t tinkered with anything else in the recipe—it’s the same maximum moisture formula you’ve always ‘rubbed’.

But let’s rewind a minute, and remind ourselves why being paraben free is so important in the first place. Parabens are preservatives used to prolong the shelf life of a plethora of products. In recent years, it’s practically become a swear word in beauty industry circles, due to some studies that suggest long-term exposure to the chemicals can lead to cancer, along with other unsavory effects.

After the initial hoopla, it’s been suggested that they may not be as dangerous as originally imagined, and the FDA is still looking at the data. But we believe in erring on the side of caution—after all, our products are all about making you feel good, and how can you do that when there’s a little voice in the back of your head wondering whether all the butter you’re slathering on is going to come back to bite you?

So with that in mind, our goal is to remove parabens from all of our products by the end of 2011. But for now, a bunch of our formulas (in addition to the body butters) are already free of the controversial little buggers. Here’s the full list:

poetic waxing at-home hair removal kit
ingrown eliminating pads
problem salved
blood orange+white pepper bath+shower gel
blood orange+white pepper soapy suds
lemon+sage soapy suds
vanilla+bergamot soapy suds
fabulous foaming body wash
blood orange+white pepper sugar scrub
lemon+sage body butter lite
naked body butter lite
fatgirlsleep (in the US)
serious seaweed cellulite soap
mammoth minty scrub soap
the youth as we know it eye cream
the youth as we know it cleanser
the youth as we know it concentrate
steep clean pore purifying mask
steep clean deep pore cleanser
peeling groovy
best of skintentions (in the US)

Pretty impressive, no? So go ahead and get worry-free gorgeous, because at Bliss, we want to make sure you’re safe, sound… and absolutely stunning.


Miss Bliss

*Tube is now 1.8 oz smaller.

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this valentine’s day, make her feel warm…and not fuzzy

Us girls may look excited when our guys present us with a box of chocolates or a skimpy bra and panties—but we’re really thinking, “UGH. Hand me my fatgirlslim.”

So, with the lovefest just two days away, we’ve got a better Valentine’s gift idea for all you procrastinating men out there: forget the standard stuffed animal and give your girl a better kind of ‘bare’ with a gift card for a brazilian bikini wax at one of our spas.

I mean, it’s a ‘skin’-win situation: she’ll be impressed that you knew enough to send her to the friendliest, most pain-free destination for below-the-belt ‘groom’ service on the planet, and…well, we think the benefits for you are pretty obvious. (Maybe she’ll even sport that skimpy lingerie after all.)

Of course, she can put the gift card towards any other service, too—like a glow-getting facial. (Although, she’ll light up so brightly when she sees that gift card, she may not even need it.)

So when it comes to Valentine’s gift giving, keep it simple, ‘Cupid’: pick up a Bliss gift card or e-card online or at any of our spas. The only thing left for me to say? You’re welcome.

Hugs + ‘blisses’,

Miss Bliss

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NYC, Hoboken + DC: brave the snow and get 25% off spa treatments!

If you live in New York, New Jersey or DC, you know that right now, it is nasty out there. The conditions are so blizzard-like that even the prospect of donning your cutest pair of snow boots can barely give it a silver lining.

In fact, the weather is so bad, that our spas have been getting appointment cancellations left and right. (These people call themselves beauty devotees and they wont’ even brave a blizzard for a brow wax? Hmph!)

So, to try and fill in the scheduling holes left by these less-intrepid spa-goers, we’re offering 25% off any facial, massage or body treatment at spas in these three snow-covered cities—TODAY ONLY.

If you’re the type who scoffs at storms and could use some in-spa sprucing, book now (or call 877 TO BLISS). It’s not every day you’ll get a deal like this, so don your warmest gear and boldly ‘glow’ where our less-gutsy glam-lovers feared to tread!

And hey—be careful out there.

Miss Bliss

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