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Has springtime got you all hot and ‘buttered’?

If springtime has you grabbing at the miniskirts in your closet, get your skin springtime-ready with hot salt scrub, our legendary all-over sea salt body scrub is oil-free, super-softening, self-heating and spiked with eucalyptus and rosemary oils. It’s the ultimate … Continue reading

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You do the ‘bath’

Purchase 1 moisturizer, 1 bath gel, and 1 scrub and save $15 off when you enter code save15 in the shopping bag. Start building your beauty bargain bundle here! Bliss Kisses! <3 Karen

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How to enjoy the 6 extra weeks of winter

I know this is old news already, but I had to show some love to Phil the groundhog. The poor little guy was rudely awoken on a Monday morning, dragged out of his warm bed and had to make a … Continue reading

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Not so beauty related

Little Miss Bliss has turned into little Miss Sniff! My allergies have decided to take up a permanent residence in my body, leaving me sniffling, sneezing, and wheezing for the entire year. What used to be just a seaonal discomfort … Continue reading

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Some butter is better!

A fellow Blisser of mine was gushing about a meal she had during Restaurant Week in New York last week. She scored a reservation at the uber-posh, ultra-luxurious Per Se. Her meal was fantastic, but what she took away from … Continue reading

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